Monthly Archives: August 2007

About the title


So, I’m not quite sure what possessed me to start this, and I have absolutely NO confidence in keeping it up (I bought a new journal for the 1st time in years in January, and wrote in it 3 times?), but everyone else does it, so I thought I’d give it a try and see how it goes.

I think my first post should be to explain the title, “Elemenopee”. If you’ve read it, I’m sure you’ve gotten it by now, L-M-N-O-P, when I was just a wee lass and first learned the alphabet, I thought elemenopee was one letter. The end. (I also had the hardest time understanding my address when told it was 6730, I kept writing 60-7-30. It took a good 30 minutes of my parents pulling their hair out trying to explain it to me before I finally got it. I was a genius as a child.)

I’ve always thought that “Elemenopee” would be a great band name though, so if anyone is thinking of starting a band, please feel free to use the name, just please let me know that you have decided to adopt it because it would be really rewarding to know that someone was finally taking my advice.