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Time to relax a little


I went back to the doctor on Friday after nearly two horrible weeks of waiting and worrying. Luckily the worrying turned out to be for nothing. I got to see a very healthy teeny-tiny heartbeat and a yolk sac. The doctor said you only see them in healthy pregnancies and I have nothing to worry about at this point, except gaining too much weight. I knew I was probably gaining weight, but pretty surprised myself to see exactly how much. I need to find a new way to fight off morning sickness I think. Luckily I’m not vomiting, but I do feel nauseous most of the day, and eating really helps. I think I’ll try chewing gum from now on. Maybe that will help.

It’s really interesting to see the ways that my body is changing. There haven’t been that many major changes yet really, but my boobs are getting much bigger! They were fairly big to begin with, and if they’re going to get much bigger, I need to get some bigger bras! I can’t wait until the baby pops through my stomach though! I will probably be tired of it after a month, but right now I’m really looking forward to it. I want to remember all these feelings! I feel much different now than I did when I first found out. I was in serious disbelief when I first found out. Being pregnant was something that happened to my friends and other women, not me. And now it’s happened to me. It still feels a little unreal. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to my stomach sticking out. Then maybe I’ll finally have a greater sense of being pregnant.

I go back again on Friday next week. Hopefully Akinori can be there and he can see the baby moving himself. I’ve talked to lots of men with kids about this, and they all say that they don’t really feel any sort of reality about being a father until the baby is actually born, and then it all of a sudden hits them. Considering Akinori and I live so far apart, it must be even more true in his case.

I really don’t want to leave Osaka, but I’m really looking forward to finally being able to live with Akinori. Walking around Osaka today there were all these couples and families. It made me feel really lonely, and really miss Akinori. I really shouldn’t spend my time feeling like that though because I only have another 6 months in Osaka and it’s just going to fly by so I should enjoy every second I have left!


It’s official!


So I went to the doctor, who was able to announce me officially pregnant! She also told me to continue living life exactly as I have been. What?! According to the internet, there are so many things that I’m not supposed to eat, not supposed to do. I suppose there are tons of women who don’t even know they’re pregnant as early as I found out, and do all sorts of things they’re really not supposed to, and still have healthy pregnancies. Does every woman worry this much during the 1st trimester? The doctor did an ultrasound which showed only the gestational sac, which means I’m not as far along in my pregnancy as I thought. I guess that kind of makes it ok then that I don’t have any major pregnancy symptoms yet. Just a low-grade fever, which was down a bit last night and this morning, scaring the hell out of me and tender breasts, and of course, no period. The doctor said not to come back for at least another 10 days to 2 weeks. She said it would take that long until we saw a fetus and heartbeat. This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my entire life! I really can’t wait to see the heartbeat so I can relax just a little bit, and at least know that my baby has a strong, healthy heartbeat. In talking to friends that have miscarried before, it seems that the baby’s heartbeat is the earliest telltale sign of what the future holds. One friend’s baby’s heart didn’t start beating even after 10 weeks, and was told that it was too much to hope for after that point. Another friend’s baby had a heartbeat, but it was very weak from the beginning. Also, the doctor said my gestational sac was a perfect circle, difficult to see in the photos above, I know, but she said that if the sac’s shape was imperfect then there might be something to worry about, and that I should be ok all the way to the end. One friend had a perfect circle that began to change shape though along the way. That is why I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat!

Someone told me a quote they had read the other day, “A parent’s biggest job is worrying about their child.” Boy was that author right! It’s started and it’s never going to stop, never. I don’t know if I can deal with this worrying for the rest of my life. Now I know why people develop so much more respect for their parents once they have children. And to think of all the worry I caused my parents! I was a horrible daughter!! Let’s hope my parents curse on me doesn’t work, “may you have children just like you!”

NOW I have something to write about!


Yesterday we found out through the magic of those little sticks that they sell at the drugstore, that I’m pregnant. We were a bit reckless in our thinking that it would take months and months to get pregnant, and therefore tried anyway, considering our living situation at the moment, but we are both thrilled to be pregnant period. Especially considering that it happened on, what could realistically be called our first try. (Aki and I were never able to see each other at the “right” time until last month.) 

I’m going to see the ob/gyn tomorrow for the first time to make sure everything is OK and to ask the TON of questions that I have! It’s nerve wracking being pregnant for the 1st time. Depending on the material you read, 5 -20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and I have so many friends that have miscarried, we are praying that this baby stays with us. I have pains in my stomach that feel like menstrual cramps, and some that don’t, and I don’t know what is normal or not! It’s all very scary.

Late Wednesday, early Thursday was when I first thought that I might be pregnant, and I stopped drinking coffee right away. I didn’t pay too much attention to anything else, besides not drinking any alcohol or staying away from smoke because I wasn’t 100% sure, but by Friday night I was 90% sure. My period is NEVER late. Early sometimes, but NEVER late. At first I thought I had miscalculated when it was supposed to arrive, but on Wednesday I was just so bloody tired, no matter how much I slept, it wasn’t enough. It started as a joke. I decided to skip the gym, and made a joke that considering my period was late, I might be pregnant and going to the gym might not be good for the baby. Then I really started thinking about it. Aki didn’t believe me until he saw the evidence on the magic stick for himself. Then everything changed. We’re both so excited we want to tell the whole world, but if anything happens we’ll just be devastated. Anyway we told our parents, his siblings and a few of my friends. It’s hard not to scream it out to the world.

Today when Aki and I were walking around we saw two pregnant women and I was envious of their big stomachs. I can’t wait to start showing! Though yesterday Azuza-chan brought Ila downstairs to say hello, and usually I’m really envious that she and Bunny have a baby, but yesterday seeing Ila just made me look more forward to seeing my own baby’s face. I probably shouldn’t envy anyone’s big stomach and just enjoy every single day of this pregnancy because it’s going to be over before you know it. Well, it will be over on December 14th according to all of the calendars I’ve checked.

Last night I could barely fall asleep and then mom woke me up in the middle of the night with a phone call, and I couldn’t fall back asleep so I was on the internet for a few hours reading into various pregnancy issues. I know I feel pregnant, but I don’t have morning sickness yet, although this morning I felt quite queasy, there was no vomiting or anything, and I haven’t had any implantation bleeding, so I’m worried that the baby hasn’t implanted itself yet, which lead to a friend’s miscarriage. But it seems that lots of women don’t experience bleeding. I keep having all these different types of pains in my abdomen though. I can’t wait to see the doctor tomorrow and have her tell me that everything is OK. It would be great it we could see the baby! Or hear the heartbeat, but I’m not even 6 weeks yet, I caught this baby REALLY early! I almost wish I hadn’t. If it took me just a little longer, than I would be less worried about miscarriage. These next 3 weeks are the most important to get past. I’ve never wanted a period of time to pass so quickly in my life!