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That was scary!


On Friday morning I thought I was finally starting to show because my stomach was so hard. It was a long, very busy day, very busy week in fact, with a lot things going on emotionally as well as work-wise. I was off to meet friends for dinner, and by the time I sat down on the subway, I didn’t think I’d be able stand again to get off and walk to the restaurant. Luckily, the restaurant was close by. The pain was getting worse, but I thought if I sat down with friends and enjoyed a good meal that I was looking forward to all week at one of my favorite restaurants, eventually the pain would subside. But 10 minutes later, not much time, I know, but the pain was still unbearable, and it was all I could think about. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would’ve ignored the pain. I know I would have, but considering all the things that could be going wrong, I was just getting more and more worried as the minutes passed. I called the doctor, who said to come right over if I was finished with work. So I caught a cab and away I went.

The doctor saw me right away, and felt around my stomach and inside, and all she could say was “It’s hard as a rock”. She asked if I was moving around too much, being too active, and I don’t know what too active is, but I assumed that maybe I was and that stress probably had a great deal to do with it. The baby was healthy and swimming around happily, though in a much smaller space since my stomach muscles were pressing down so hard on my uterus. The doctor gave me an IV drip for several hours until the pain subsided, and I was able to finally go home around 11:30pm. It was a long, scary evening, and the next morning I was still feeling a little bit of pain, so I decided that was a good enough reason not to go to school that day (besides not having done my homework). I asked if what I was feeling was similar to contractions, and the doctor said the basic premise was the same, meaning that if the pain continued long enough, my body would eventually try to give birth. I’m so glad I decided to call the doctor and go in immediately!

Unfortunately now I tend to freak out a bit at the slightest pain, and I find that my constipation feels a lot like the pain I felt on Friday. Right now there is nothing I can do about it either. I have to wait until I go to the doctor next time and ask her for something because I can’t take anything over the counter.

When I think about the beautiful baby that I am going through all the for, it really doesn’t seem like much at all. My morning sickness is pretty much gone, I’m able to brush my teeth again, for the most part without choking. It seems my boobs have stopped growing for a little while, I think. Maybe it’s just the stage that I’m at. I’ll be 12 weeks in 2 days. Practically finished with the first trimester. What was a tiny embryo is now a larger fetus and probably trying to make room and push about. Hopefully once my uterus pops up a bit, I’ll be more comfortable. Oh, and I started having to pee in the middle of the night starting 2 or 3 nights ago. Usually about 2 or 3 times a night I wake up, go pee, go back to sleep. Something else to look forward to for the next 6 1/2 months.


There’s really a baby in there!


I went to the doctor again yesterday, and this was by far the most fun exam I have ever had in my life. The baby was clearly visible and moving around. It was so exciting! The doctor recorded it on video for me so I was even happier. The heart was beating, we could see eyes, hands feet, the brain, and umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord was a little misleading because it does appear to be a sign that it’s a boy, but looking at the ultrasound I couldn’t help thinking it’s a boy anyway. I’m going back again in 3 weeks, when we will probably be able to tell the sex, so we’ll find out sooner rather than later I hope.

I’m glad I went and saw a healthy baby, and found out I’m healthy, because my morning sickness is almost non-existent anymore and it makes me nervous as to whether or not everything is ok. But, as I saw yesterday, everything is good. Now I’m just waiting for my stomach to pop out and to start feeling some kicking and movement. I can’t wait.

There is still one tell-tale sign that I’m pregnant, and that’s that I’m sleepy all the time! It’s 10:30, and I think I’m ready for bed. More on another day…

Slowly but surely


I have been a bit slack, already in keeping up this blog. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since this ultrasound was taken. It was Aki’s first trip to the Dr. with me, and his first chance to see the baby’s heartbeat live. I thought he might be moved to tears, since he tends to be moved rather easily, but he wasn’t has moved as he was nervous. It was kind of funny to watch, but I’m glad he got to see Baby K with his own eyes. Who knows when he’ll be able to come with me again.

So as you can see, Baby K is growing slowly but surely. Much different in these photos than the blob that was taken only a week and a half before. My dad said he blew the photos up 400% and could see arms and legs and a head, I don’t know about arms and legs, but there’s definite distinction between head a body. I’m going again in about 5 days, and I’m really excited to see how much bigger the baby has gotten, and what features have become more distinct.

Morning sickness seems to have slowed down quite a bit. I still have yet to vomit even once, thank goodness! But there have been times when I felt AWFUL! Really, really bad. My moods are the most unpleasant in the morning, but physically I feel worse in the afternoons. The other day I felt worse than ever, and called my sister in Kyushu who just had a baby a month ago, and that helped me to forget how bad I was feeling. Also, I’ve discovered that lemon chewy candies also help. They’re probably horribly bad for me, but they make me feel better, so how bad can they be for me really? My breasts are much less sore than they were, but HUGE! They were big to begin with, but now things are starting to get out of hand, no pun intended. By the time I’m breastfeeding I’m going to need a forklift to get around. My clothes are still fitting without a problem, but I find that I prefer to wear really loose clothes as much as possible, just because I don’t like the feeling of my waist being constricted. I can tell though I’m about to start showing pretty soon. I can’t wait already! It seems like that’s a common feeling among pregnant women. I’m excited about people knowing I’m pregnant.

Ok, it looks like Aki is in need of some dinner, so I’ll have to continue this at a later time.