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Ch ch ch ch ch changes ♪


Since I reached my 12th anniversary of living in Japan a few days ago, I have been thinking a lot about how I have changed and hopefully grown and what is different in my life now, compared to when I first stepped off the boat (or plane or whatever).

If we start with appearance, my hair is a lot longer, and I weigh about 25 kilos less! Wow! Of course there were times along the way when I weighed even less, then gain more than I would have liked, then lost, gained, back and forth, but a few years ago I met a chiropractor who introduced me to weight loss method that really worked for me, so I am confident that I will be able to keep this weight off now.

I have moved house 6 times in the last 12 years, not counting my move to Japan in the first place, and changed jobs or places of employment 5 times. Hmm, says something about my personality perhaps? Well the last two moves and the last career change were unavoidable really as they were a direct result of another major life change that has occurred since I’ve been in Japan. The 5th move was from Osaka to Nagano, which I never, ever, EVER would have thought I would agree to, but I guess there is something to be said for the power of love, which leads me to…

I got married and now have a baby. I kind of always thought I would marry a Japanese man, or an Asian man anyway, and lo and behold I did. And now we have a beautiful 7 and a half month old daughter who keeps me busier than any job outside the home, I have ever had.

I went back to school to study interpreting, since I decided that interpreting is definitely the career path I want to follow. Unfortuntely I kind of left the course without officially finishing the very last class, but I figure I can always go back and my current career is more important anyway.

I have a cat. Never in a million years did I think I would get a cat. I certainly don’t hate cats, but I’ve always been more of a dog person and if I had a choice I definitely would have chosen to get a dog, but when I got my cat I was living alone and wanted a pet more than anything, and my two turtles just weren’t cutting the mustard as cuddly and lovable, and some students found the most adorable kittens that had been abandoned by their mother. How could I say no? My cat has been my best friend and a life saver when times were tough, and I’m so glad she’s here in my life.

I stopped leading the crazy party girl life, and I don’t think anyone, not even myself, ever thought I would. Sometimes I think I would love to go back to it, but for the most part, I’m happier with what I have now. Once in a while it would be nice, but if I did, I’m not sure I could stop, all that partying was definitely A LOT of fun! I could probably write an amazing book about all of my adventures. Some of the things I have done or situations I have gotten myself into are just unbelievable, and some totally dangerous. I’m lucky I’m alive really!

There are a million other little things, I drink coffee now, I eat fish and tomatoes and lots of other things I would refuse to touch before. But I think those are the really big things that stand out in my mind most.

All in all, it’s been an amazing 12 years, and I have loved every minute of it. I love living in Japan, and I love my life here. There are of course times when I get a little depressed or upset, or I have “bad Japan days”, but for the most part, I am living the life that I chose for myself. I think the hardest thing I have had to overcome, and I still haven’t, is getting used to living with another human being whom I HAVE to include in most of the decisions that I make now. Roommates are one thing, and I was never too good with them either, but husbands are something else all together, and now we’ve thrown a child into the mix!

Okay, poor Sara has been cooped up in the hot house all day because we were waiting for the gas man to come and fix our bath. He has come and gone (and couldn’t fix the bath) and I need a Starbucks!


To Blog or Not To Blog…


Arrrrgghh! It is 1 am! I stopped working half an hour ago because I was so sleepy I was getting a headache, and here I still am, sitting on the computer, when I really should be sleeping since I know Sara is most likely going to wake up at least once before 7 am, and there is no guarantee I’ll get her back to sleep after 7 am., AND I have a belly dance class to teach tomorrow afternoon. That may be the longest run-on sentence I have ever written!

Oooh, something exciting did happen at tonight’s class though. After one of my two faithful-come-every-week-without-fail students texted me to say she couldn’t make it tonight, and feeling a little disappointed that it was most likely going to be yet another one-on-one lesson, which although fun, is a little bit draining motivation-wise, I walked into the classroom and there was a woman I had never seen before! My regular student was already there too, so I thought she brought along a friend who wanted to try out the class, but it turns out that this woman saw Belly Dance listed on the schedule of activities for the day sometime in the past few weeks, and actually went on the internet to find out when the class was to come and take a look. At first I thought she had mistaken my classroom for another, but she was sure that mine was the one she was looking for. I was so excited! She stayed for about 10 minutes and just watched the warm-up, and said that she would most likely be back next week, and probably with a friend!!! Yippee! I haven’t even had flyers made or performed anywhere in public yet here. I’m more motivated than ever now to get flyers and posters made and distributed around town. I can’t wait to see how this develops.

Okay, well writing that was pretty painless I guess. I think I can handle 10 or 15 minutes every night. But now I REALLY have to go to bed!

12 Years


After some very subtle and gentle encouragement and the realization
that there may actually be people out who read this blog, I have
chosen today to be the day I start blogging again as it is the 12th
anniversary of my arrival in Japan as a resident.

Unfortunately I have chosen this ridiculous hour (2 am) to do it 😦
I’ll make a better effort tomorrow!

Before I completely lose consciousness, my FIL sent me the most
beautiful text message tonight. It made me cry. He said that he and
MIL were very lucky and proud that in this big wide world I found my
way into their lives and into their family, and they thanked me for
giving them a beautiful granddaughter, and praised me for how hard
I’ve worked the last 12 years. I start to get teary-eyed again just
thinking about it. When I think about all the people out there with
not-so-nice ILs I feel truly, truly blessed. My husband is okay, but
his family is really the greatest!