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Procrastination…why do I do this to myself?


It is now 11:40p.m. and I have several files due in the morning, and yet instead of starting them an hour ago, which is when I finally got Sara to sleep (thank you for all of the help you didn’t give me with that darling husband!!), I am blog surfing, returning e-mails, etc. Why do I do this to myself? Oh well, as long as I’m doing it I might as well do it right.

So I am no longer in divorce mode. I ended up sending Akinori an e-mail because I didn’t feel like trying to talk to him anymore. He is so damned stubborn (and so am I) that it just gets me more frustrated and upset and I end up in tears. So he read the e-mail in the morning before going to work, told me he was sorry, then went to work. One of the main reasons I married my husband is because he will always apologize after a fight. Maybe not directly after, but within 24 hours. However, sometimes I would like the apology to come after a discussion. So when he came home from work and after we had dinner I brought the subject up again. He said he would do his best. I don’t know if he knows what he is going to do his best at, but apparently his mother had a word with him as well and told him he needed to shape up or I wasn’t going to come back from America when I go with Sara next month. I had to laugh. Of course I threaten that I won’t come back all the time, but as a joke.

On Saturday night MIL, SIL and the 3 kids between us went to this Hawaiian Festival thing up in the mountains. It was a lot of fun, and SIL and I complain about our husbands to each other all the time. She loves it when I tell her what an ass her big brother can be. MIL happened to come back to the table when I was just finishing a rant to SIL and overheard a bit. She said “Sorry, he’s your problem now. He’s very spoiled. That was his grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s doing. I tried to be strict, but now I’ve passed the baton off to you. I tried to warn you before you said yes to his proposal.”

Edit: I never finished this although I meant to, but I can’t even remember the rest of what I was going to write it’s been so long now. Oh well.




Is it just me or does everyone want a divorce when they’re premenstrual? I’d love to expand on this, but I have a shitload of work due tomorrow and I need to get it done while Akinori is still patient enough to look after Sara. Socially life has been great lately, though domestically the last few days have been absolute shit, and everytime that happens, all I can think is “divorce, divorce, divorce”. Is this normal or am I melodramatic? Arrggghh!

Peace Is Restored!!


The cat came home at 3am. Akinori heard her yowling at the front door, which was lucky since I was dead to the world. There was another cat with her (I think it was a cat), but it ran off as soon as I opened the front door. I don’t think they were friends though because I left the cat’s food outside to lure her back home, and the other cat appeared to be eating it, and I think that’s why Pepper (my cat) was howling. Anyway, she’s home, safe and sound.

The iPod Touch has also been found. Silly me, it was under a cushion on the sofa. Akinori told me about 3 times to lift up the cushions, but I was too stubborn and thought there was no way it could possible be UNDER a cushion. I did check behind the cushions, where I lost it last time, without any luck.

Anyway, all is now well in the Kaneta household leaving me to think that this weekend will go well. I sure hope so. I was having visions today of being phoned by Akinori’s sister saying something horrible had happened to Sara and to hurry back right away. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure…

Where’s Harry Potter When You Need Him?!


To undo whatever horrible curse has been cast on me!
I thought yesterday was not the best day, well today things got worse. I woke up 20 minutes before yoga class started yesterday. That was a pretty bad start, but it was also kind of good since it meant I actually got a lot more sleep than I thought I would, since I went to sleep at 4am (what on earth was I thinking???) and Sara was kind enough to have a lie in with me instead of being super-energetic super-early. Once I did get to yoga, the class itself was pretty much a bust since Sara, having had extra sleep, and being super-genki, decided to visit all the other babies in the class, who were happy (if helpless) enough to just lay on their own mats and watch their mommies do yoga, and pull their hair, poke them in the eyes, and all that other kind of don’t-know-any-better-but-it-sure-annoys-the-hell-out-of-mommy type stuff. I decided I deserved a cafe lunch for my yoga efforts, and of course Sara could not be still or take a nap, she had to be sitting my lap and chewing on my mobile phone which I was trying to use to make reservations for a taxi to take us to the airport next month (yeah!). I found out the cost of the taxi is a lot more than expected, but oh well. No changing trains while carrying Sara and all of our luggage, definitely worth the extra yen. So of course I have to scarf down my meal and whisk Sara out of the cafe so she can’t get up to full screaming capacity, and she falls asleep in the stroller on the way home. I would have appreciated it if she had fallen asleep on the way to the cafe, but whatever. We get home, watch T.V. have a good nap. Akinori comes home, blah blah blah. Not the worst of days when I look back on it now.

I remember going back and forth between the living room and kitchen a few times last night. The first time I brought my iPod touch from the living room into the general kitchen area, and I didn’t bring it back into the living room. I remember thinking, I’ll have to go and get it later. This morning comes, I never went back to the kitchen to get the iPod specifically, and cannot for the life of me remember where I put it down. I have looked EVERYWHERE! Today was garbage day, which Akinori took out before he went to work. He thinks I had a brain fart and threw the iPod away last night, and unfortunately I am not 100% sure he is wrong. Could I really have been that careless? I really think I could have which scares me. I lose crap all the time these days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I did actually toss the iPod while thinking about the 100 other things I have going on at any given time. Anyway, besides the fact that the iPod was a White Day gift from my beloved husband, and totally, ridiculously expensive, I use it during my belly dance lessons, one of which I had tonight. So I’m looking around for the iPod all day and can’t find it, and finally have to pull out my old iPod nano, and download all the songs into that instead. Luckily I remembered to bring the charger with me to class because the damn thing is so old, it doesn’t hold a charge anymore. The class went fine, but I would really like to find my iPod touch!!! I feel like such an ass for losing it!

AND the cat ran away again today, I think. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t last night because she was around when I gave Sara a bath, and that was pretty late, and no one went out after that. So it must have been this morning when I was half asleep when the bloody gas man came by at 8:30 with the estimate for a whole new hot water system. Or maybe it was when the package from my mom arrived a little bit later. I couldn’t tell you because I never saw her leave. She came back once, I’m fairly confident she’ll come back again. I’m just worried since I’m leaving on Thursday for Summer Sonic and won’t get back until Sunday night. If she doesn’t come back tomorrow, she’s probably not getting back in the house until I get back since Akinori is going to take Sara to his parents’ house while I’m not around.

I’m really trying not to think about how Sara will take me not being around for two days, because if I think about it, I worry, and I don’t want her getting any worry vibes off me, so I try not to think about it. It’s just at night that she freaks out when I’m not around, but she goes completely spastic while I’m in the shower and Akinori’s watching her. Granted, that’s all he does, watch her (as far as I can tell), but that’s a story for a different post. I’m hoping that since she’ll be at Akinori’s parents’ house and it won’t be this house that she’s used to, and used to having me around in, she’ll be fine. His mother raised 4 children, she must know something about calming spastic babies, right?!

Okay, I have to get back to work since I have about another 2 hours worth left before I’m done, and I have TONS to do tomorrow. Oh my god, will I actually make it out the door on Thursday in one piece?