Peace Is Restored!!


The cat came home at 3am. Akinori heard her yowling at the front door, which was lucky since I was dead to the world. There was another cat with her (I think it was a cat), but it ran off as soon as I opened the front door. I don’t think they were friends though because I left the cat’s food outside to lure her back home, and the other cat appeared to be eating it, and I think that’s why Pepper (my cat) was howling. Anyway, she’s home, safe and sound.

The iPod Touch has also been found. Silly me, it was under a cushion on the sofa. Akinori told me about 3 times to lift up the cushions, but I was too stubborn and thought there was no way it could possible be UNDER a cushion. I did check behind the cushions, where I lost it last time, without any luck.

Anyway, all is now well in the Kaneta household leaving me to think that this weekend will go well. I sure hope so. I was having visions today of being phoned by Akinori’s sister saying something horrible had happened to Sara and to hurry back right away. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure it will all be fine. I’m sure…


About Brenda in Nagano

Originally from Chicago, I knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life in Japan the moment I set foot in the country at the tender age of 16. However, I was quite intent on spending that rest of my life in a major city with a full on career, until my Japanese Prince Charming came trotting down from the mountains of Nagano to sweep me off my feet and whisk me away, turning my whole life plan on its head. Two months after moving to Nagano I gave birth to our little Princess Charming, so now I am officially a SAHM and teach a little belly dance on the side.

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