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Assholes to the bitter end


What order should I do this in? Since I went to my midwife appointment first, I’ll start there.

Everything is fine with bubs. I got shit about my weight, just like I knew I would, but my blood pressure is fine, so no major worries. There’s a walking group every Tuesday morning at the midwife clinic and I joined for the first time last week. There was one woman there 2 days overdue, and another who had just hit 37 weeks, and one other who was just about 6 months along. The woman who was overdue gave birth the next day, and the one who was 37 weeks gave birth the morning of my appointment. Something in the air perhaps? People are giving birth around me left, right and center these days. Another friend from high school was due in early January and gave birth this morning, and it looks like Nooh, who was due the 2nd week in January could be giving birth tonight or tomorrow perhaps? It makes me hopeful that maybe I’ll go before my due date, but I’m not counting on it. Sara was 5 days late. I’m thinking I’ll probably go to term with this one too. Either way I want her to stay put until at least January 14th when I’ll be 37 weeks because my midwife won’t let me give birth at her clinic before then, and I really want to give birth there and not at a hospital. Especially since I really don’t know the doctors or midwives there. God I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to feel calm or relaxed or comfortable enough to give birth somewhere I’ve only visited a handful of times.

Ok, so after the midwife appointment was the final belly dance lesson at the fuckwit’s studio. I was actually much more relaxed about it than I had been the last few times. I guess knowing that no matter what it was the last time I was going to have to deal with them was kind of empowering? Plus after “the talk” the idiot couple seemed to have gotten it through their thick skulls that I was quitting and that was that, and I wasn’t reimbursing them for whatever advertising fees or whatever they thought I owed them.

The lesson goes fine. The students are absolutely gorgeous and two of them brought snacks and cakes for everyone since it was the last class and end of year, kind of thing. So while everyone is gathering their things at the end of the lesson the limpdick male owner comes over and says in front of me something to the effect of “Brenda told us 2 months ago that was was quitting because of her pregnancy, and we expected her to return afterward because that was the contract that we had with her (bullshit, we never had a contract first of all, nor any kind of agreement about how long I would teach there) but she has gone back on her word and said that she’s not coming back. We were very shocked because we trusted her, and I’m sure that you are all shocked too, but she says she can’t because of her physical condition. (Um, I’m pregnant moron!) We tried to find another teacher, but they are all busy with lessons at Culture Schools (no, it’s just that your reputation precedes you and no one wants to work for you, asshole) so we weren’t able to find another teacher for this lesson. So this was the last belly dance lesson, but starting on Monday nights in January a teacher from Argentina (what?! I thought you didn’t trust foreigners?!) is going to be teaching Latin Aerobic dance, and we hope that you’ll at least come and try it out. And if you decide you want to continue belly dancing somewhere else, well good luck with that.”

I was furious that he would make it out to be all my fault in front of the students! If I hadn’t spoken to the students privately and known that they were all supporting me, I definitely would have busted out and told the asshole off right there. But honestly, I just wanted to get out of there and never have to deal with them again. Let him tell whatever lies he wants to the students, I know that they don’t believe him. When he walked away again they all rolled their eyes and commented on what an asshole he is, and one of the students went over to ask him about getting her membership fee back. I knew they had promised to give it back to the 3 girls who joined after I had already said I was quitting, and I could overhear her saying “You just said you knew 2 months ago she was quitting, and I joined AFTER that!” After some discussion they gave her and the other girls their money back, and then the students left.

It was then my turn to get paid, and the wife brought out the envelope with my salary, but at the same time pulled a stool over to her desk, and I thought “oh shit, here we go yet again!!” The first thing she says to me is that they just had to return December’s tuition fee to the girls because they demanded it back because I quit. I knew she was totally lying, but I just said that after the last conversation we had I was very unhappy with them and didn’t feel comfortable in the least coming back to the studio, but I felt I owed to the students to finish what I had promised I would, and I held up my end of the deal. If I had thought for a minute they weren’t going to pay me for the work I actually did, then I never would have come back after that last talk. So the wife just says, “fine” and hands me the envelope. Bitch!!

Then she goes on about how the situation is just unbelievable, and asks me if the other students know that I teach elsewhere. What the fuck business is that of hers? Anyway, I tell her that one woman who has been in the class the longest knows and is in touch with my other students. So she then asks if that student is in touch with the other students from the studio class. How the fuck am I supposed to know that?! And why is it her fucking business?! Anyway, she says that if the girls who got their money back end up coming to my community center class when I start up again then essentially they will be continuing their lessons with the same teacher, and that goes against the rules, or whatever fucked up logic exists in her fucked up head.  So she goes on to say that they spent over 100,000 yen in advertising the class, and if they find out that the students whom they gave their money back to show up in my class, then they will either come after me or them for the money. Uh, what?! Do the students not have the right to choose where they take classes? And why on earth do I owe them money for advertising a class at their studio that they were paying me to teach? She finally tells me not to tell anyone what has happened, and says that they won’t either. And I’m sure it’s because she knows they have been playing completely underhanded and the things that they say are just plain wrong, not to mention full of lies.

I had to restrain myself from not attacking her, but I knew that no matter what I said she would never admit they were wrong. They are just not normal people. And I just wanted to get the fuck out of there already. Before I left she says “ii akachan wo unde kudasai” (literally: give birth to a good baby). I really wish she hadn’t said that since I know exactly how she feels about me being pregnant as she made it so clear the last time we talked. Stupid bitch! So I just said have a good new year and left.

I was surprised to find that all the students were waiting for me downstairs. They were worried that the owners would try and pull the money they returned to the students from my pay, and were ready to charge back upstairs if they had. How sweet is that? So I told them that they tried, and that they told me it wasn’t the membership fee they refunded, but the December tuition, and the girls got really angry again, saying that they had no complaints about the lesson, and that they really enjoyed the lessons and were happy to pay me, it just wasn’t fair they had to pay a membership fee if the owners knew the lessons weren’t going to continue at the time they joined. Perfectly understandable and it just reconfirmed that the owners lied to me yet again, lied to the students, and are just plain assholes.

I know they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, but I am thinking of calling the local lawyer’s association, or whatever it is here, that offers a free legal consultation over the phone, just to make sure. I really don’t want them coming to the community center when I do eventually start up again snooping around and making threats. Hopefully they will have forgotten about it by then and their Argentinian tango instructor will be making them oodles of cash so they forget about the piddly pocket change they spent on me. I pray that this was the final installment of this saga. Time to relax and enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy!


Looking Up


First, let me thank everyone for their incredibly supportive comments on my last post. That was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I just had a read over them again and had a good laugh at some people’s comments. It feels really good to know that 1. I was not wrong. 2. There are so many people supporting me, even if only over the internet. Still feels great! Thank you!!!

I was incredibly tempted to never go back to the school again, but in my mind that would have been sinking to their level, and I didn’t want to do that. Plus the students in the Monday class were all incredibly supportive of me, and furious with the owners for the way they spoke to me, and the things they said, and all of them understand and agree the whole situation is the owners fault, and not mine. There are 5 girls in the Monday night class right now, and they all want to come to my community center class when I start up again. There are another 2 who quit when I went to America, and they want to come back to my community center class too! Plus another 2 women who had nothing to do with the studio also are waiting for me to come back from maternity leave. That’s NINE new students who would actually pay me a decent rate for a lesson! And they are the reason that I felt I had to go back to the studio. Those girls had all already paid for lessons for the entire month of December. If I didn’t show up, although they might understand why I wouldn’t want to, I would be worried that they would have not only lost trust in the owners, but me as well.

The last few weeks after “the talk” the male owner barely spoke to me. I caught a nasty throat cold, leaving me without a voice and threw my back out on the Saturday after “the talk” and was unable to stand for very long, let alone dance or show the students how to move, so I had one of my students from my community center class come with and do the moves as I explained them verbally. I thought the owners were going to stop her as we left and ask her to take over for me, but they didn’t. The wife did stop her and said something I couldn’t hear, and when she told me what the woman said, I was floored! These people obviously come from another planet! The wife said that my student had failed to properly greet the owners when she came into the studio that evening and that she should make sure to say thank you to the male owner as she left because he was very upset. WHAT?!?!?! If anything it should be the other way around! She was doing me, and in turn them, a favor! If she hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have been able to teach. What would the owners have done then when the students wanted their lesson money back? They are just seriously fucked in the head.

The following Monday, which was last week was fine. The male owner would barely look at me, and the wife is still the same smiley “take care of yourself and your tummy!” fake bitch. I don’t know why she even bothers with the niceties about my pregnancy anymore, now that she’s told me how she truly feels about me being pregnant. I just want to slap her. At least it’s civil I guess.

I was really worried about Wednesday though. It would be the first time I was seeing the two women in that class since “the talk”. But it actually went really, really well! The two women obviously felt awful about what happened two weeks earlier and were really concerned about me and my tummy and saying all kinds of nice things about how I should take it easy, and not feel pressured to get back to teaching after giving birth, and they too wanted to join my community center class when I was feeling up to teaching again! I was floored! I thought for sure they would find a different belly dance class if they wanted to continue, out of loyalty to the owners. I never expected them to say that wanted to follow me. Plus the dance studio’s big annual party was the next day so the owners were busy and running around and weren’t even there for most of the lesson. It was awesome!

The next day, the national holiday on Thursday, the two ladies were performing at the party, and I had to be there for the rehearsal. I really didn’t want to go because my SIL had given birth 2 days earlier and I wanted to go visit her and the baby in Saitama with Akinori and my PILs. Plus I didn’t really have to be there, but they had asked ages ago if I could get some of my community center students to perform with them, since there were only 2. I only had 1 student volunteer, and even she was reluctant at the end. I was scared she was going to bow out at the last minute as she is not the most reliable of people, but she showed up, thank goodness, because I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with the owners if she hadn’t. So basically I had to be there for her. It was fine though. All done, and now I only have the class tomorrow night left to get through and then I am DONE! D.O.N.E. DONE! with that fucking studio forever!! I just pray that they pay me when I leave tomorrow so that I don’t ever have to go back again. The deal is that they pay me after the last lesson of the month, but the last few months they haven’t. They’ve been paying me after the following lesson. I’m worried that with being busy with their dance party and whatnot, they won’t have gotten to sorting out what they owe me. I really don’t want to have to deal with them ever again!

In other news, I had my own end-of-year party with my students. My good friend, who teaches belly dance in Osaka, and is an AMAZING dancer came up to Nagano and taught two days of workshops, and then we had a big dinner show at a lovely restaurant. It was really fun, and a huge success. Since I am a crap baker, I asked the sister of a friend, who is an absolutely amazing baker to bake a birthday cake for Sara and we celebrated her 2nd birthday at the party. My students all performed well, and all of the guests seemed to have really enjoyed themselves when they said goodnight. Here’s a photo I stole from one of my student’s facebook albums.

My PILs came to the show and were great, taking care of Sara for us. Akinori was the designated camera man (don’t ask why I didn’t use his photos) and I was just plain busy all night. The next evening my MIL sent me the nicest text message I have ever received saying how thankful she was that I married her son, and how she didn’t do a very good job of raising him, but marrying me seems to have changed him for the better, and how much she and FIL love me. It made me feel awesome and incredibly lucky. I absolutely adore my PILs, so it’s always nice to know that they love me back. I am a lucky girl!

In fact, this whole deal with the dance studio has really been for the best I’ve decided. If I never taught there, I never would have met the NINE students who want to join my other class. Plus, my students, all of my students from both the studio and the community center have been incredibly supportive and helpful, coming to help me when I’ve needed without any hesitation. It’s made me realize that I do have some very good friends, not just students here in Nagano. And of course, it’s just taught me a good lesson in life. I wasn’t particularly keen on teaching there in the first place, and now I know I just need to stick to my guns more. If I think something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. No more being a pushover!

One more reason I’m feeling lucky and excited is that the translation company I work with called a few backs saying they had some work coming up they were going to ask me to do, but I hadn’t heard anything since. I got a call last week and they have a ton of work for me to do until the end of January, and I am so excited about it! I just finished the first project, and the next one is probably coming in next week, but they have told me there is a lot more work coming and in the end it is going to result in a large sum of money, and lord knows we need it! Yeah!

Everything is good in the baby department as far as I can tell. I think the end of the year, and all that it means with the workshops and shows being over, has really relaxed me a lot. My stomach is a lot less tight than it has been pretty much the entire pregnancy, and I just feel much better and more energetic in general. Sara’s birthday is over, Christmas is over. I still have all the work from the translation company, but after tomorrow night no more belly dance for awhile. Plus the thought that my baby is going to be here in just 5 short weeks give or take a few days is incredibly exciting! I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, which is always exciting. I love seeing my little girl. I just hope I don’t get too much shit for all the weight I’ve gained over the last 2 weeks. With all of the parties and holidays, I have eaten way more sweet stuff than one person should over the course of a year, pregnant or not! Ah well, a small sacrifice I suppose.

Alright, definitely time for bed. Tomorrow is the last day of hoikuen for the year, which means the last day I get a real break during the day for awhile. I don’t want to sleep it all away!



I am sure my blood pressure is absolutely through the roof right now.  Dealing with dumb people is sooooo stressful!!! I woke up with a bad feeling about today. The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month are the bane of my existence at the moment. I teach a class of 2 older ladies at the dance studio on those 2 days, and I teach them at a financial loss. That alone makes me hate the class, regardless of how I feel about the students.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about the dance studio before, and how much I hate teaching there, and how stupid the owners of the studio are.  Anyway, without going into lots of history, they have been progressively pissing me off more and more every week that I teach there. I’ve been meaning to blog about this since I came back from the U.S., and I wish I had because it might have saved my sanity bit by bit instead of slowly driving me crazy. And this post is going to be a little bit crazy and all over the place because of it, and because I am so fuming angry right now.

Anyway, while I was in the U.S. for a month, I had one of my students from the other class that I teach at a community center type place, MY class, teach the studio lesson on Monday nights for me. There was nothing that could be done about the Wednesday afternoon class because the student who was teaching for me works during the day.

When I got back from the States, my tummy had started to show, and the owners asked me what I planned on doing. I had planned on quitting the studio lessons way before I got pregnant. They have a big hotel party every year at the end of December, so I figured I would teach until then and then quit. When I got pregnant, I figured that was an even better excuse to quit, and the timing was perfect. So way back in October, when asked what I planned on doing I said “I’ll teach until the party in December, then I’m going on maternity leave.” Which was greeted with a “What?!” from the asshole owner. He made is own wife teach until the day she gave birth, resulting in her being unable to have anymore children, and was very surprised that I only planned on teaching until I was 35 weeks pregnant (asshole!). So I said, “Well, not really maternity leave. I’m going to quit.” And he seemed almost relieved. I said that I didn’t know when I would be able to go back to teaching after giving birth and it would be unfair of me to ask them to wait until I was ready. Plus who knows how easy or difficult the new baby will be, and my husband is the one who will have to watch 2 young children while I am out, and that’s a lot to ask (appealing to his Japanese old man-ness), and I don’t want the pressure of having to return by such-and-such a date just after giving birth.

The asshole seemed completely understanding, and I got the impression that he felt that was the best thing too. He did ask if I knew anyone who could teach the class after me though. So I told him that I didn’t. which I don’t. He asked about my student who stood in for me while I was in America and I said I would ask her, but I didn’t think she would agree to it. I know she absolutely hates the owners too. They gave her a hard time when she filled in for me once before I went to America, and didn’t really want to teach while I was gone, but did it as a favor to me, knowing that it was just for one month and then she would be rid of them forever. So I asked her because I said I would, and of course she said no. I asked all the other students in my community center class too, and they all said no. Honestly, none of them are ready to teach their own classes yet, but I figured they would all say no anyway.

So the weeks have passed and they have continued to ask me week after week if I know anyone, and can I ask the student who filled in for me, and I continue to answer that I don’t, and my student continues to say no. There are a few other people who teach belly dance here in Nagano, but I think only 1 actually lives in Nagano. The others commute from Tokyo and would want travel money. The 1 other woman who lives here turned them down. I don’t know any of these people personally. I just know that other belly dance classes exist. Besides, I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to find them a new teacher. I didn’t ask to teach there. They asked me if I would teach there because they wanted to start a belly dance class. I gave them 2 months + notice that I was quitting, and I told them I was pregnant pretty much as soon as I found out. I didn’t even wait until the 2nd trimester. I think I was only about 6 weeks, which means they have known since mid-June, nearly 6 months now, that I was going to need some time off at least for a few months. Personally, I feel that even if I was going to continue teaching there after I gave birth, it would be there responsibility to find a teacher to fill in for me while I was on maternity leave. Am I wrong here? Is this not the way the world works?

I told them when I first started working there that sometime around September I would be going to America for 1 month. If they had presented me with a contract when I first started, which they didn’t, I would have had that 1 month’s vacation time put into the contract. The fact that I found a teacher to teach while I was gone, was a favor to them in my opinion. Probably the right thing to do, but from a business standpoint, not really my responsibility since I told them right from the start I would be gone that month. Am I wrong?

Last Monday when I went the owner started at me again about not being able to find a teacher for after I quit, and I would I not reconsider coming back after giving birth. Again I said no. He asked what I was going to do about my community center class. That super pissed me off. It’s none of their fucking business. That class is my class, nothing to do with them at all. But stupid fucking me, I answered honestly. I would go back to it when I was ready, whenever that may be, and the students are prepared to wait for me. Until then, they’ll probably meet during the regular lesson time and do their own thing, but that they all understood the situation and were not necessarily expecting me to come back by some particular date.  So the owner’s logic was “If you can go back to that class, you can come back to this class.” And I suppose from his point of view, that makes sense, but the money is shit, the stress-level is high. Totally not worth it for me. I mentioned that I teach the Wednesday class at a financial loss because I have to pay for Sara’s daycare (before she was in full-time) and parking, and I told the owner that before I left for the States, and that I wanted to stop that class. Teaching at a loss just makes no sense to me. He said that these things take time, and we just started (it had already been 6 months at the time) and they were advertising in the newspaper, etc. and students could start to come in anytime, blah, blah, blah. That was the point where I decided to leave it until I came back from the States and then just quit. Besides that, the owner’s wife also sometimes attends the Wednesday lesson, but doesn’t pay. I can understand her not paying the studio the monthly fee, but I get a percentage of what each student pays, rather than a flat fee for each lesson. That was per their request. Plus they wanted to pay me a super low percentage, and I refused their first offer. It still takes 3 students at the studio to make up the money I get paid from 1 of my students at the community center. Normally, you get paid a flat fee, but I agreed to a percentage as a favor to them, and it was promised that the situation was just until the lesson got on its feet and a good number of students gathered. Anyway, I am still giving her direction and treating her like I do any other student when she attends the class, and I get nothing for it. Well, recently I have just been ignoring her when she comes to class, because fuck that! If I’m not getting paid to teach her, why should I bother? AND, when students come for a trial lesson, the studio charges them 1500 yen, but they pay me nothing for trial lesson students. Anyway, there are plenty of reasons that I don’t want to teach there.

Oh! and they have some famous ballroom dancing pair coming from Germany for their party on the 23rd. Last week the owner asked if I would interpret for them when they needed it since they don’t speak English or German and the couple probably doesn’t speak Japanese. Um, don’t you organize an escort/interpreter when you organize guests coming from another country whose language you don’t speak? Isn’t that the professional thing to do? And of course, they were expecting me to do it for free. If they were my friends, I would do it, but they aren’t, and considering I have actually been trained to be a professional interpreter, when someone asks me to interpret in that kind of capacity, I expect to be paid. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. So I told them no. If they were really in a pinch, they could maybe call me and I could interpret over the phone for that particular instance if I was available to answer my phone, but I have a family and cannot drop everything at their beck and call when they are stuck. So then the asshole starts asking me, “How do you say ‘Shall we go to lunch?’ in English?” I nearly burst a vein in my forehead I was so angry. Was he really expecting me to give him a free English lesson now?!

Good grief this is getting long! Good for you if you’re still reading my drama! Recently some new students have just started. Two started about a month ago, and 1 started this past week. My stomach is quite obviously showing. These girls can see with their own eyes that I am pregnant, so they asked what was going to happen when I gave birth, considering the school charges a 5000 yen membership fee in addition to the monthly class fee. Apparently the owners told them they were looking for a new teacher and that the class would continue. Monday night after the lesson, the owners asked the students to stay behind so they could get their proper phone numbers. I knew they were going to talk to them about me quitting, but one of the girls has my cell phone mail address, so I figured I could get the scoop later.

According to her they told them I was quitting and that they couldn’t find another belly dance teacher so they were going to teach a different dance during that time slot so please continue with them, but fuck, they wanted to learn belly dance, which is why they joined and they all left really angry, and the new girls demanded their membership fee back. I wasn’t too worried. I apologized to the girl who texted me for causing trouble, being all Japanese-y and everything, and she texted back saying no one was mad at me, and I wasn’t causing any trouble. No problem. Most of the people planned on coming to my community center class when I got back from maternity leave anyway. Not to worry. Cool.

Then today, those fucking asshole fuckwits! I haven’t been so angry in a long, long time!! They start out by asking me if I have 10 minutes to talk after class. If it’s just 10 minutes, then yes. They had apparently asked the two ladies in the class to stay behind for the talk as well. One of them is their good friend. The other is a friend of hers.  I don’t know if they wanted them to stay for moral support, hoping to outnumber and manipulate me or what, but I thought it was totally inappropriate to ask them to be there for that conversation.

So the owner’s wife starts out by saying that thus far she hasn’t spoken to me directly about anything, and let her husband be the mouthpiece, but that she is very disappointed in me. That although the students are all friendly and smiley with me, behind my back they have concerns. The new students have all expressed concern regarding what will happen to the lessons since I am very obviously pregnant, and now that they have told them there is no one to take over for me, they are upset and want their (membership fee) money back. Well, duh! Who would pay 5000 yen if they thought the lessons were only going to last for a month or two after they joined? And who told them that the lessons would continue while I was on maternity leave and after anyway? The students can SEE with their own eyes I am pregnant, and when they asked, the fuckwit owners told them they would find a new teacher. Then when the owners tell them they haven’t found a new belly dance teacher, but instead someone who will teach them the tango, they are upset and want their money back. Makes sense to me, though I still cannot see how this is my fault.

The wife gives me this bullshit about how I am behaving selfishly and irresponsibly. That the students all think I am selfish and irresponsible. That before they started the class, I should have told them I was thinking about getting pregnant and then they wouldn’t have ever started the class, and I should be appreciative of them that they have gone to such lengths and spent so much money on gathering students and paying me so well. And I should be remorseful for my behavior, and that when I first told her I was pregnant, she was being kind and said congratulations, but really she was furious with me for getting pregnant and didn’t want to say anything negative at the time out of concern for me and the baby’s health. What the fuck?!

Did I have any obligation whatsoever to tell them that I was trying to get pregnant? The woman kept saying that as a woman I should have trusted her and told her and that getting pregnant was irresponsible and when she got pregnant she taught until the day she gave birth and while she was recovering she found a teacher to cover for her. Um yeah, because it’s your own fucking studio and your bread and butter and your asshole husband made you work until your baby fell out. I’m pretty sure that in a regular business situation it’s sexual harassment to ask a woman if she plans on getting pregnant when applying for a job, and that if a person gives at least 1 months notice, they can quit, and it is not their responsibility to find someone to fill their position. They said they should have drawn up a written contract with me, and the fact that they didn’t was their mistake. What on earth was the contract going to say? That I was their indentured servant for life? I wouldn’t have signed anything that stipulated anything other than the conditions that I quit under anyway, which was giving at least 30 days notice, for whatever the reason.

The asshole owner then asks again what I’m going to do with my community center class, and I once again explain that it is my choice what I do with it, when I go back, etc. It has nothing to do with them. And he says that it does have to do with them and if I can continue the community center, I can continue their class. That he would only understand if I was quitting belly dance altogether. So I said “Fine, I’m quitting everything. Can we be done with this now?”

So THEN the idiot wife asks the students what they think!! The poor students looked mortified! The one woman who is their friend very, very uncomfortably said that she didn’t know what kind of agreement we had between ourselves, but that personally she wishes I wouldn’t quit. Fair enough, but then she asked the other student for her opinion and she said “I don’t understand why I am here for this conversation”. And fair play to her. But the fucking wife kept saying “we just want to know what you think.” How fucking unprofessional! Asking a client to take sides between an employer and an employee? So I stepped in and said I thought it was incredibly unfair to ask them for their opinion when this has nothing to do with them. Perhaps the final result affects them, but how we arrive there is between you and me only. They kept going on about all the advertising they did and all the money they spent, and how they paid me so much money, in front of these two students!! I so wanted to give them a piece of my mind about the whole money situation, but I thought they were behaving so unprofessionally and childlike and I didn’t want to sink to that level in front of students, especially ones who might potentially gang up against me, not that I really thought they would, but still, I was trying my best to maintain some kind of professionalism. Akinori thinks that since they opened the door to the whole money talk in front of the students it was fair game for me to say my piece, but really, these people are so fucking stupid I don’t think it would have mattered what I said. They wouldn’t have gotten it.

And then the absolute WORST! When they went on about how they should have made me sign a contract, the fucking asshole owner says, “especially because you’re a foreigner.” I nearly hit the fucking roof! I told him that being a foreigner had nothing to do with it, and he said “We’ve had this situation with foreign teachers before. Obviously you guys can’t be trusted.” Mother fucking asshole inbred limpdick shithead! I told him it wasn’t a matter of trust. I did nothing dishonest and I hid nothing. I told them I was pregnant as soon as I found out and I told them I was quitting well ahead of time. I don’t see where I gave them any reason not to trust me or behaved inappropriately in anyway. Fuckers! Fuckers! Fuckers!!! I haven’t been so angry in a long, long, long time. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Okay, enough therapy! Time for bed!