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39 week appt and contractions?


Yesterday afternoon I had my 39 week appointment at the midwife clinic. I had been feeling kind of funny since Friday morning, but nothing like constant or regular contractions, just kind of funny. Nothing exciting to report regarding the results of the appointment per se. The midwife thinks the baby is around 3500g right now, even though she is showing up on the ultrasound around 3300g. Still bigger than Sara by 300g, which kind of freaks me out. She did an internal, which is never enjoyable, but I was pretty excited to get the scoop on whether or not I was dilated or effaced, and the result is barely 1cm dilated, and 50-75% effaced, which for a first-time mother would probably mean the baby was coming soon, but for a woman who has given birth before, doesn’t apparently mean much. She did give me some sort of internal massage at the same time though to get things going, which resulted in losing more mucus plug last night, and some bloody show all yesterday and today. And this kid is waaaaay far down. The midwife had a really hard time getting a head measurement her head is so far down, and then when she did the internal, she was like “Oh, I’m touching the baby’s head now.” That was pretty cool. Painful, but cool.

From around 6p.m. this evening I have been having fairly regular contractions every 30 minutes, and for the last hour or so every 10 minutes, but they are super weak. I called the midwife about 90 minutes ago just to see what she thought, and she said that if they got stronger, regardless of timing, to come in. If they didn’t get any stronger, to try and get some sleep. The contractions are still happening, but not strong at all, so I think it’s time to try and get some sleep, as I have my fingers crossed and my legs definitely very uncrossed that we will be seeing some baby action tomorrow. It’s going to be hard to fall asleep though. The thought that I may be giving birth shortly is VERY exciting! Please send me some “here comes baby, and look it’s painless too!” vibes, people! Thanks!


Nothing special


Last night I finished up the work I had to finish by noon today around 1:30a.m., and just as I was finishing, I started thinking my tummy was feeling a little funny. I thought it would be too perfect if Juniorette decided to let me know she was coming the minute I finished my work, but I also wanted to get it finished, just in case she is really that tuned in. And for the next 90 minutes or so I was absolutely convinced we would be visiting the midwife for a second time yesterday, and that Heather was spot on with her 23-1-23 birthday prediction. At that point the contractions were about 20 minutes apart, so I figured there was no point in calling the midwife until either my water broke or the contractions were closer together. Then around 3 a.m. I was just too sleepy to bother with the timing, and I figured if she was coming there would be even stronger contractions and they would wake me up. Although I was definitely feeling weak contractions throughout the night, nothing to really wake me up and make me think it was time to get in the car. When Sara was born I had weak contractions the whole day before she was born, but once I was up this morning, I haven’t felt anything since. Ah well. Today is not my baby’s birthday.

MIL just phoned a little while ago to find out how I was doing and if there was any progress and to let me know she was ready to come at a moment’s notice if I needed her. Apparently Akinori hadn’t told her about yesterday’s experience so I told her that we thought it might be a good idea if she were there if we had to have Sara with us, and she said she was happy to oblige and she is ready to go at a moment’s notice. I also told her that the midwife asked us who would be cutting the umbilical cord, and we kind of decided yesterday that if Akinori is there, he’ll do it, but if he’s not, I thought it would be nice for MIL if she got to do it. I have the option of doing it myself, which I would kind of like to, but I am carrying around this kid for 9-10 months which is pretty special in itself, and there are 2 more kids in our future plans, so I will hopefully have another chance in the future, but who knows if MIL will. So I asked her on the phone if she would, and she got really excited and was like “Are you sure it’s ok? Will they let me? Are you sure you want me to do it? It would be the first time for me to do something like that!” That made me really glad I asked her. I can’t imagine someone not being thrilled at asked to cut the cord, I mean it’s kind of like being asked to be someone’s best man or maid of honor at their wedding. But her reaction was really sweet. The only problem, which I thought of  after hanging up the phone, was that if MIL does end up cutting the cord, my own mother is going to FLIP OUT. She doesn’t have to be told, I suppose, but at the same time I shouldn’t feel like  I have to hide the fact either. Ah well, I suppose we shall cross that bridge when and if we get to it. For now, I think I’ll just concentrate on getting this bub out.

38 week appointment


This morning all three of us went to the midwife clinic for my 38 week appointment. Absolutely nothing exciting to report. Baby’s head measured 9cm, which the midwife said was a good sign the baby is probably around 3000g, though with her waist and leg measurements she came out around 2900g. Anyway, she is not ginormous yet, so I’m not too worried. The midwife did say that we were getting a little low on amniotic fluid and that the placenta was showing signs of aging and reduced productivity (is that even the right expression?). I had the NST on for 40 minutes though and the baby was healthy and moving, so she said that there is nothing to worry about yet, but to keep monitoring the baby’s movements and make sure she still moves around a lot. I’m hoping that the current conditions will inspire Juniorette to make a break for it, and coming running into her mom and dad’s comforting arms. It’s so freaking cold though, I can totally understand her not wanting to leave her warm, comfy home. Let’s hope this is just the motivation she needs to get a move on.

Because I knew Akinori and Sara were going to be with me today I asked if we could do a trial run type of experience, which is something that the clinic offers. At one of the birth classes 2 of the midwives and 1 of the nurses “perform” a real-life birth situation at the clinic, and show what it’s like to give birth facing up, on your side, and on all fours. Then they give you the option of trying it yourself during one of your appointments, so we did, and I’m glad we did. Akinori’s next work site is over an hour away by car, so if I go into labor during the day, I will call a taxi to come and get me, and call MIL at work, and have her meet me at the clinic, just in case Akinori doesn’t make it back in time for the birth. After today’s reenactment though, I think we are going to call MIL and have her come and meet us no matter what, unless it’s the middle of the night. I thought Sara would be into watching the birth, but she wasn’t at all, which means Akinori might need to be with Sara the entire time, rather than by my side. I completely trust the midwives, so I am fine with it just being me and them in the room, but I think Akinori really wants to be a part of it, and ideally I would like him to be a part of it too. So if the PILs were there, they could occupy Sara while Akinori and I get to work. Then they would also be there to see the baby right when she’s born. It was interesting to experience what it would be like to give birth in the 3 different positions though, and I think it helped in making me feel more confident about the whole thing. Lately I’ve been getting a little worried about the pain factor.

Okay, I am really writing this post just to procrastinate as more work came in last night and it’s due tomorrow afternoon, and it’s boring and painful to my brain, but it is work, and it needs to be done so we can afford to have this child. Later bloggy world!

Just bored


I am actually (and unbelievably) all caught up on work at the moment, and actually have some time on my hands. Unheard of! Nothing to report really. There hasn’t been any change, at all, in anything. Even my last appointment at the midwife clinic showed no change in the baby’s weight, although she had grown. It was just a difference in the way the doctor measured and the midwife measured, according to the midwife. And there was no change in my weight! Thank goodness for small miracles! Although I think I should be thanking the doctor for powerful pooping drugs, as I’m sure that’s what accounted for the difference.

I have been waking up at very odd hours of the morning with some strong contractions, strong enough to wake me up obviously, but then once I wake up they go away. Very disappointing. I wasn’t in a hurry to get this baby out until I went to the midwife clinic on Tuesday for the weekly walking group, which ended up being canceled due to the horrendous amount of snowfall we had, and one other woman and myself just did yoga instead. The other woman’s due date is 6 days earlier than mine. Two women gave birth at the clinic just that morning, and both of their due dates were after hers, which she found very disappointing. I remember feeling that way with Sara. Everyone I knew who was due around the same time as I was gave birth before me, including my cousin who was due 5 whole weeks after I was. She kept saying how she was sure I was going to give birth before her too. I think that kind of got my hopes up.

The other thing, that I didn’t know before was that if I go past my due date, I have to go back to the big hospital for a consultation and decide on an induction date for sometime around 41weeks and a few days. They won’t let me go to 42 weeks, which I had thought they would. Not happy about that. Not that I think I will go to 42 weeks, or even much past 40. But since Sara was 5 days late, I’m not counting on this kid being early, or even on time. Plus nearly everyone seems to go early at this clinic for some reason. One of the women who gave birth the other day was due only 2 days before me, and the other one towards the end of January. I did my best at yoga to get things moving, and then that night I taught a belly dance lesson, and went ALL out. To the point where my students were actually getting a little worried that I was doing too much. I think my water breaking during a lesson is their worst nightmare. But nothing doing. No baby.

Work wise I am all caught up at the moment, which feels pretty good. I know there is another file coming in tomorrow, but for the moment I have no outstanding files to send it, and that feels really good. So really, if baby came tonight/tomorrow that would be ideal so that I could tell the company I’ll be out of commission for a week before they send me the work. I don’t think I would feel too good if I had to go to the clinic and give birth and leave unfinished work with a deadline I couldn’t meet. The company knows I am due any day, so I think they would be okay, but I would still feel bad.

And that’s about it. There were a couple of times in the past week I thought about writing a post “Top 10 things that annoy the shit out of me about my husband” since he has been doing such a good job at it lately. But today things have actually been really good, and it’s better to complain about him when I’m in a bad mood. But I must say, men just don’t get pregnancy do they?  He told me last night that I complain too much. Seriously, when he is carrying around a watermelon in his stomach and his legs feel like they are about to fall out of their sockets and that watermelon is pushing and pulling him in all directions from the inside, let’s see how pleasant he feels towards me. I will save the details for another day though.

Fingers crossed (and legs uncrossed!) for an exciting update soon!

The Procrastinator


I think that would be an excellent name for me if I ever become a pro-wrestler. I could hang around the ring, doing my nails, having conversations with the crowd, and then at the last minute make my move, provided I didn’t get the shit kicked out of me first. The other night, I ended up staying up until 6a.m. getting that damn proofreading job finished!! I was not feeling good when I finally went to bed. I really didn’t think it was going to take that long to finish everything, but, um, it did. Working on the computer just makes it too damn easy to play with Facebook, catch up on e-mails, chat, etc. while working.

Luckily I had all of Sara’s stuff ready to go to kindy the night before because I figured I would be too knackered to do anything in the morning, and even luckier was that Akinori offered to take Sara to kindy, so I was able to sleep until about 10:30, when I had to get up and get showered and meet my friends who came up from Osaka, for lunch. I didn’t feel like I slept all that well, but I must have because I didn’t really feel tired when I woke up. Maybe it was the excitement at getting to see my friends? We had a lovely lunch, and long, wonderful chat, and I got some gorgeous 6-month old baby cuddles. I remember thinking everything was so hard with Sara, and every time we get to a new milestone, it always seems harder than the last. So hanging out with a 6-month old was awesome, and totally made me look even more forward to having this baby as I know how relatively easy the first year is now.

I wasn’t sure I would continue teaching belly dance in January, but I am sort of right in the middle of teaching a choreography to my Tuesday night class, and I would love to finish it before I give birth, so I decided to go to the lesson. (If I hadn’t gone, my students would just get together and practice on their own. They’re so dedicated. I love them!) Thinking that it would do me good to actually move around, and perhaps get this baby moving around, I kind of went all out. Once I got home though, I thought that might have been a mistake. My crotch area was so heavy, I was sure the baby was about to fall out. I could barely walk, but luckily the baby stayed put. Baby only has to wait until tomorrow anyway, and then she’s free to make her appearance anytime, so I think we’re good.

More work came in Tuesday, and this job is the one that is worth a lot of money, and will also take until the beginning of March. The company has already said they will adjust the schedule to work around me giving birth, which I am incredibly grateful for. But my first deadline is today, and I am once again procrastinating and finding all kinds of ways to avoid actually doing any work. This project is also a sort of proofreading/editing job, but it’s not quite that cut and dry. There is a 28 page manual that came with it, that I have to reference as I go along, as well as 4 other additional “changes to the original manual” manuals. Once I get going I should be okay, but getting started just seems like such a cumbersome task. Plus, I tried to work on it a bit last night, and nothing was making sense. Whatever the original person who did the work thought they should be doing, and what I thought should be written, were completely different, so I had to e-mail the project manager and ask that she call and we discuss just exactly the project was, and so when we spoke this morning and looked over the file together, she agreed that the person who had done the work originally had done it completely wrong, and she apologized for sending the file without looking it over first. So I really do need to get this thing going so she can look it over again and let me know if I am on the right track with it. *Sigh* Alright, enough procrastinating I guess. I’d like to get the work done and then get a nap in before picking Sara up, so off I go!