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3rd Trimester Observations


The last few weeks have started to get rougher and rougher on my body. I am unfortunately beginning to understand what the midwife meant when she said “When you get to 28 weeks you will understand why we recommend hospitalization at that time. You’ll know it’s time.” The first 2 trimesters weren’t really all that different than they were in first 2 pregnancies, except that I started growing way faster towards the end of my 2nd trimester than I ever had before. So here we go:

  • I measured my waist around my belly button tonight. At 27w4d I am 102.5 cm around. Approximately the same size I was with both Sara and Amelie at 36 weeks. Holy shit!
  • I remember having a bad pelvic pain with Amelie, but it was more of a muscular/limb thing I think. I remember it feeling like my legs were going to fall out of their sockets. At the moment I have a fairly constant pelvic pain, but it feels more like I have been kicked in the crotch mercilessly for hours, or had way too much sex. Neither of those two things have happened, so I know it’s a pregnancy thing. 😉
  • I am waddling. There is nothing I can do about it. I never waddled with Sara, and maybe I waddled a little with Amelie, but I am waddling more often than not these days. There’s just too much pain going on to allow me to walk normal.
  • Photos do not do my belly justice. We recently moved some stuff around the house, one of the moved items being a super-wide, full-length mirror. It now sits in the living room and I can look at myself and my belly all day long if I want, whereas before the mirror was somewhere I never set foot because it is too damn cold. We didn’t move the mirror so I could look at my belly, (The wooden frame was molding from all of the condensation that collected in the room and the move was an effort to save the mirror.) but before we moved it I rarely had an opportunity to actually see with my own eyes how big my belly is. It. Is. Big! I’ll keep posting photos, but if you want to really witness the awe of my twin belly, you need to come and see it with your own eyes.
  • The XL-sized comfy flannel pajama bottoms I bought at Costco a mere 5 weeks ago are no longer comfy. I am starting to worry about what I am going to wear in the next few weeks. I think my regular maternity clothes will be okay.  I’m wearing sweats that still fit right now. I’m thinking I might have to turn some yoga pants into pajamas. I really don’t mind the being pregnant part so much. I actually really love it. The getting super fat part though kind of sucks.
  • I can feel little feet up at the top of my belly aaaaaalllll the time. It’s really cute, and kind of weird. With Sara and Amelie I don’t think I could really feel hardened and obvious body parts until way later in the pregnancy, but these little guys have a lot less space. There is almost always something hard and angled protruding from my belly. I’m kind of hoping it will get obvious enough to be able to see actually foot and/or handprints on the outside and take photos and videos. How cool will that be?
  • I would like to spend the next 10 weeks in the bath. I took a bath tonight for the first time in ages thinking it would be good for my aching parts, and it so was. It felt so good I didn’t want to get out, which is very unlike me. Usually I am super bored in the bathtub and have to force myself to sit for 5 minutes, but not tonight. I really thought hard about what the chances were of drowning if I slept there. Since I obviously cannot live in the bathtub, I’m thinking maybe I should check out maternity pool classes somewhere once Amelie goes off to daycare full-time next week. God, I hope my maternity bathing suit will fit me at this enormous size!

And that’s about it for now I think. I have a bit of a cold, and am feeling generally blah and ick, and wanted to be in bed way before now, but I also knew that if I didn’t get this down now, who knows when I would because I’m unreliable like that, and I really do want to keep the best record of this pregnancy I can. So now I’m off to bed! Goodnight!


27 weeks – Hello Third Trimester!


On Thursday I had my last OB/GYN appointment and I was exactly 27 weeks, first day of the third and FINAL trimester! I cannot believe how far along I am in this pregnancy! And I can’t believe how uneventful and perfect it has been so far, for the most part. Not that I had any major problems with either Sara or Amelie, but everyone freaks out when you’re having twins and all of the doctors and midwives tell you you’re high risk and blah, blah, blah. And although I don’t think my personality is particularly suited to motherhood, I think my body is perfectly suited for it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been told by people that I have perfect baby-bearing hips. Not once did that comment elicit a “thank you” from me, but now I guess I’m feeling pretty grateful for my shape.

After my last appointment 2 weeks ago, I called my trusty midwife and we discussed me going to the other hospital and all that, and I also told her about the babies’ funny positions, the biggest concern being that the baby closest to the exit was breech. She suggested I go home and do a baby spinning exercise like the one in this photo, to give the boys some room to move up towards my chest and talk amongst themselves about a plan of action and how they were going to get out. So I spent about 30 minutes one evening with my bum supported by a mountain of pillows and let the boys talk it out until I couldn’t breathe anymore. BUT right after I could feel them starting to move, A LOT. The one who transverse on top started to inch his way down my left side, and the one on the left side and breech was being pushed up my right side. It was VERY trippy to feel all that going on! I used the doppler the next day to see where their heartbeats were and there was one on the lower right side and one on the upper left, so I knew they had moved and at least one of them had their head down. I just hoped his head was lower than the his brother’s feet!

So at my appointment the very first thing we saw were two heads together at the bottom of my belly!! Both boys were head down!! They are already sweet, obedient little boys and they obviously want to come out naturally as much as I want them to, too. So I started crying. It was the first ultrasound in awhile I started crying, which is kind of funny since I cried at every single ultrasound for both Sara and Amelie. It really has taken me a long time to get really and truly happy about having twins. The baby on the right side is lower, which is why I heard his heartbeat on the lower right side, and the baby on the left is higher which is why his heartbeat was halfway up my tummy. And they were both facing the camera and we got to look at their adorable little alien faces. If only this ancient hospital had a 3-D ultrasound it would have been the perfect time to try it out!

Both boys were measuring great too! Big boy was 1012g and little boy was 976g, which is freaking amazing! There was only a 40g difference, which made me wonder why there was such a huge gap in weight last week, but the tech said that depending on the way the baby is turned the measurement can be off within a margin of about 10%. Anyway, I am totally relieved. Last week’s measurements had me pretty worried, but they move around so freaking much that I knew they were both genki at least. Both had plenty of amniotic fluid and are just perfect!

I had my internal exam with the dr. after that and the saloon doors are still sealed tightly shut! After doing some research with Dr. Google, it seems that if you have a cervical length greater than 35mm at 27 weeks (mine is 45mm), the chances you will carry past 35 weeks are 80-90%. Seriously, is it okay for things to be progressing so perfectly? It seems just too good to be true! The first the dr. said was “Great news that the babies have turned, and the doors are shut tight, so it looks like we can avoid hospitalization for awhile.” He then gave me some talk about keeping the protein out of my pee, and weight and blood pressure down, but promised that he wouldn’t put me in the hospital without a good reason. I was flying after my appointment! I was on such a high! It felt great to finally leave the hospital in a good mood, with good news all around, and feeling more determined than ever to have a natural deliver of two healthy baby boys.

The rest of the day was fantastic too. Amelie was at daycare for the day, so I had a nice leisurely lunch at Subway, and then a nice leisurely coffee and cookie at Starbucks and then I went home and had a lovely chat with a friend I hadn’t chatted with in ages, and missed her so much! I went to pick up Amelie and she had a great time at daycare, and then we went to pick up Sara, and she was actually in a very rare good mood. It’s been getting better gradually, but usually by the end of the day she is so over-tired and desperate for sleep that she is a monster to deal with. But she was in a great mood and the weather was actually quite warm and beautiful and as I held Sara’s and Amelie’s hands as we walked from the kindy to the car I nearly started crying from happiness. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so happy and peaceful. I had my four beautiful children with me and we were all happy and enjoying each other’s company. It’s not that I hate being a mother or don’t love my kids. I love being a mom and my kids, but it’s hard, hard work, and for the first time in ages it didn’t feel like work, and it didn’t feel hard. At that moment I didn’t want the day to end, and that’s pretty miraculous in itself since I am usually counting the minutes until bedtime from around 5 p.m. It was an amazing day.

And the good news just keeps pouring in! I know quite a few pregnant women at the moment, but considering my age it makes sense. There is always a baby boom going on around me. But I just heard from one of belly dance students today that she is 6 months pregnant. Just before I got pregnant this time around she decided to stop belly dancing because she was focusing on getting pregnant, and she has had such a rough time of it. She had 2 ectopic pregnancies making it impossible for her to get pregnant naturally. Then she had a miscarriage about 6 months before I did. My students and I have had lots of belly dance performances between when she quit and now, but I was nervous about telling her about them because I didn’t want to have to tell her I am pregnant again, with twins nonetheless. I knew I would have to tell her once they were born, but I figured we would cross that bridge when we came to it. So her text message today made me so, so, so happy. She and her husband have been trying for longer than I have known her, which is 3 years now. I’ll get to see her next Sunday, and I couldn’t be happier!

Another friend is actually in labor with her first child as I write this. She’s nearly a week past her due date, and she was hospitalized yesterday (she’s at Nisseki too) so they could monitor her, because they said the baby’s heart wasn’t as genki as they would like to hear. They had planned on inducing her Tuesday if she didn’t go into labor by then. Right now her contractions are 7 minutes apart, and my fingers are crossed they get stronger soon and her baby gets to share her birthday with her daddy, whose birthday it is today.

And finally, today is the 5th anniversary of our wedding in Hawaii. I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since our wedding. Time flies!

27 weeks

27 weeks


January 26, 2008

January 26, 2008


Finally feeling lucky


I’m on a bit of a high today which is strange for me as of late, especially when you consider I actually have some work going on right now, and I am so not going to make my deadline if I keep procrastinating like this. Anyway, I am the first to admit when the doctor said I had twins in my belly I didn’t think it was great news. There were lots of different emotions going on, and not all of them related to fear and dread, some of them on the happy end of the spectrum, but there was also a lot of negativity going on inside. I’ve finally gotten used to the idea of having twins, but that impending feeling of doom has never really left. I mean when you really think about what being a parent to newborn twins entails (mostly the lack of sleep and constant feeding) and add two toddlers to that, it is really a fairly scary thought, and I bet most people reading this right now are thinking “thank god it’s not me!” and I wouldn’t blame you. Until today.

My little boys have been bouncing around in my belly pretty much non-stop the last few days, a thought that is scary in itself when you consider that it means they are not sleeping for long stretches at a time, and what this will mean when they come out into the world and I actually have to care for them and not just as their incubator. But I think because there are two of them and there is so much less space for them to move around I can feel their movements to clearly. With Sara and Amelie I didn’t start feeling body parts, or what I thought were body parts until late in the 3rd trimester. Today there was a little hard, round body part right next to my belly button. It may have been an elbow or a heel or a shoulder, but it was definitely a little, round, hard body part, and it was so cool to feel. And I could feel Right baby inching his way across and over my stomach. He was sort of transverse at my last appointment, but I’m willing to bet he will be even higher up when we see him on the next ultrasound.

I think the best thing about any pregnancy is feeling the baby move around inside, but this time feels way more special and pronounced and I wish everyone, mostly Akinori, had the chance to experience this because it is so unbelievably amazing. As it is you can see my stomach bounce and jiggle here and there, but I can’t wait until I’m a little further along and you can really, really see the babies move around in my tummy even from the outside. I wish I had words to describe how amazing this is, but all I can say is that it has given me some kind of strange faith that everything will be alright. Their wiggling and wobbling has already made me cry twice today, not because I was in pain, but because they are amazing! They’re not even born and they’re already amazing!

21-25 weeks

21-25 weeks

A glimpse of what’s to come


Not so much once the twins get here, but for the rest of this pregnancy.

Saturday Akinori took Sara took Tokyo for the day and Amelie and I chilled at home all day long. It was nice and restful for me, and Amelie is really easy to have at home with me. When Sara was the same age I couldn’t stay home with her all day. She needed to go out and burn off energy. Amelie is way more chilled out and just happy to play with the toys we have here, or curl up with a book with me, or watch a movie on the iPad and actually sit still throughout. It was a really nice day for everyone. Sunday was the annual neighborhood New Year party. It is the one social gathering a year I absolutely hate attending. No one talks to me, not that I make any effort to talk to anyone else either. Akinori is great about it all and stays by my side the entire time. That could be one reason none of the women come any closer, but they are usually quite friendly to him, and speak to him about me and our kids. And look at him while I answer their questions. Meh, this year was painless enough. The kids played, we ate, everyone played bingo, we left. They then did the dondo-yaki (burning of all the New Year’s decorations and old darumas, amulets and other things that you probably couldn’t get away with burning on the street in other countries) right across the road from us, so Akinori took the girls while I laid down and caught my breath, something I need to do quite often lately.

Once he brought the girls home, the 3 of them passed out for several hours. It was a nice little quiet rest for me even though I couldn’t fall asleep. When everyone finally woke up I was starving, but couldn’t be bothered cooking, and Akinori wasn’t being much help in that department, so I made the executive decision to order pizza. After we went to sleep on Sunday, we woke up to about 10-15 cm. of snow on Monday. I was not excited at all about going out in it, but I felt bad that we had spent pretty much the entire latter half of Sunday lazing at home and thought I should at least make an effort to go out.

Akinori wanted to go to the Yasu-Ichi happening in the next town over. I had never been to one, and thought Yasu-Ichi meant something like a flea market since the kanji for yasu is cheap and ichi is market. I am still learning new things about Japan and its culture everyday! The kanji for yasu also means safety, and in this case the market was held at a shrine and it was a market for daruma, amulets and all kinds of other knick-knacks to ward off evil in the new year. It wouldn’t have been bad if it hadn’t been for the snow. It wasn’t actually that cold outside, but that meant that the flakes were thick and wet and heavy, and the ground was just getting slushier and slushier and more difficult to walk. Never mind that my winter boots weight at least a kilo or two each and walking without snow is a workout, so walking in the snow was doing a serious number on me. I was absolutely miserable by the time we were ready to leave. I hate the cold and snow to begin with and trudging around in it with my big belly was possibly the least fun thing I have ever done, not to mention really painful by the end. If you’ve ever carried a baby to term, you have probably felt extreme pressure on your pelvis, like you’ve been kicked in the crotch. No? Let me tell you. It hurts. It feels like I’ve been kicked repeatedly in the crotch and I’m totally bruised, and the more walking/standing I do, the more bruised I feel.

I never waddled with Sara or Amelie, ever, not even in my last weeks of pregnancy. But I have been waddling for awhile now. Not always, but Sunday I could barely lift one leg in front of the other. We had to go shopping after that, which was another adventure. I was happy to have a cart to push to half hold me up, but the store we went to (Don Quixote) has little mini-carts for kids and both Sara and Amelie wanted to push one, and that was a total headache. I knew I wouldn’t want to cook dinner by the time we got home either, so we bought pre-made stuff for dinner, karaage (fried chicken), gyoza, that sort of stuff. Never again from that store. Blech! The kids ate it, and Akinori didn’t have a problem with it, but the gyoza was definitely the least palatable I have ever had in my life! The karaage was all fatty gross bits too. It was like eating karate-kun from Lawson, which I used to love when I was a student and when I first came back to Japan on JET, but now that I actually know what decent karaage is supposed to taste like, I could be starving, and there’s a good chance I would choose death by starvation over trying to digest that shit.

Anyway, I don’t know if it was yesterday’s excursion that did it, but I was absolutely fucked this morning. Today was bento day, and I hadn’t washed Sara’s bento box over the weekend (bad, bad, lazy mommy) and just standing over the sink for those 5 minutes completely wiped me out. Luckily Akinori had the day off today again because of the snow (he has yet to go to work in 2013 btw!) and he finished making Sara’s bento for me and then took her to kindy. I had to help him here and there, like show him where the little silicon cups are and whatnot, but even just getting up to pull out that stuff left me completely out of breath. It was great though that he got a chance to practice doing it now while I’m still at home. I told him what to put in the bento and he got to see where everything is kept. I can imagine if I were already hospitalized it would have been a mess. I don’t really care what he puts in the bento, and I’m sure Sara has her own opinions about what should go in them, so I know he won’t be at a loss there. I just know that if left to his own devices Akinori will tear apart the kitchen and leave it that way until I get back if I’m not around when he needs something.

After dressing both girls though I was finished for the day. I didn’t even bother getting out of my pajamas today. Akinori went to get Sara and I told him we needed to get groceries for dinner. He suggested I put some clothes on and we all go shopping once they got back. I guess in his mind that was what was going to happen because he came home with Sara and without going shopping. So I had to tell him I wasn’t getting dressed and I wasn’t going shopping and sent him out again. It was already 5 or 5:30 at this point, and I was feeling fine, but it seemed like such a waste to bother getting dressed, and the thought of facing the cold and snow was just too much. God I wish I could just hibernate for the next couple of months.

It’s now a day later now, and I am finally showered and dressed. The stink was too much for even myself. Anyway, last night I sent Akinori back out with Sara to buy ingredients for nabe. Nice and easy. Cut up the veggies, chuck ’em in, eat. He came home with stuff for sukiyaki. Ah well, not much different prep-wise, just pricier. His attitude could use some improvement though, as he brought in the groceries, laid them out on the kitchen counter and then came into the living room and said “I laid out all the stuff. Do I have to do the cutting too?” Grrr. I can understand his frustration with his lazy wife though, and I feel bad for feeling so lazy, but gawd, I really don’t want to do anything ever again, least of all cook, which I hate doing to begin with. Anyway, I felt guilty enough about not having done anything all day long, that I prepared the sukiyaki.

This morning I just felt plain gross after not showering or getting dressed the day before. And I smelled. Bad. Akinori took Sara to kindy for me and then had to drop something off at his parents’ house, but the second he got back I hopped in the shower. The whole title of this post and its meaning was that I was feeling super lazy, and I could see the next few months passing by without showering for days at a time or doing any cleaning at all, but I guess yesterday’s extreme display of laziness was enough to kick my butt into gear just a little because after I got out of the shower I couldn’t stand to look at the dirty outer bath floor anymore, and got down on my hands and knees with a cloth, then washed out the sink, toothbrush holder, shelves, and anywhere I could reach on the washing machine from the outside (as it was running at the time). I decided once Amelie goes to daycare full-time from February, I am going to attack one room at a time and do a super clean, one day at a time. We’ll see if that actually happens, as it is still two weeks away, and I will be two weeks larger, and I am growing daily, like noticeably, but that’s the plan anyway.

Akinori took the girls to his parents house after picking up Sara from kindy this afternoon, and I think I heard them just pull up in the car. Gotta go and get some kind of dinner going and pull myself out of this lazy funk! Btw, I’ll be 26 weeks tomorrow! Way to go boys! You’re doin’ mama proud!

25 weeks – New Doctor


25 weeks today! Go me! and go boys! Stay put and stay healthy for a little while longer please!

This week saw Sara go back to kindy, and funnily enough there was no adjustment period for her after winter break. Summer break was longer by 2 days I think, but she was just a mess when it came time to go back to school. Maybe that is just how much she has matured over the last 4.5 months. Akinori is still on vacation. We don’t know when he goes back to work. I’m hoping Tuesday since Monday is a national holiday and it would be nice to have him home if both girls will also be home, and especially since he plans on going to Tokyo for the day on Saturday for a friend’s wedding. But he won’t actually be attending the wedding. I don’t even think the friend had a wedding. It will just be a bunch of friends getting together for lunch or something like that. He claims he will have to send gift money if he doesn’t go, but I think in the end the cost of going to Tokyo and eating lunch and bringing a small-ish present, will amount to as much or more than sending just gift money. He is taking Sara with him for the day though, and I know she will have fun, and it will be much easier for me to spend the day with Amelie alone than both of them alone so I haven’t made too much of a stink about it all. Plus, he is going to be just as busy as I will once the twins arrive, and since he has promised there will be no more drinking until that happens, if this is his last hurrah, who am I to deprive him of it? He’s not going to be able to go anywhere for awhile.

Yesterday Akinori, Amelie and I met up with my good friend H and her husband and son who are here in Nagano skiing. They come at least once a year, and I love hanging out with them. I just wish we lived closer! H used to live in Nagano and moved to Osaka to be with her husband, who is from Osaka. I did the exact opposite. So funny that our lives took the absolute opposite paths and never crossed until I moved to Nagano and she was already in Osaka. We went to lunch and had a lovely time, and I was glad that Akinori could be there. Usually he misses seeing them because of work.

Because Akinori is still on vacation he was able to accompany me to my appointment today, which was also very nice. Originally my appointment was scheduled for Tuesday, but I spoke with a friend who gave birth at Nisseki and had a great experience, and loved her doctor, so I thought it might be worth it to speak to him before deciding to 100% to change hospitals. First order of business (after peeing in a cup) is always speaking to the midwife, who I was firm with and explained that I really could not understand why I would have to be hospitalized if I was healthy and I wanted a 2nd opinion from a different hospital/doctor. She told me to talk to the doctor about it.

Next was the ultrasound. The tech today was a lovely woman. I wish she had been the tech from the start. Anyway, the twins are in a funny position now. They are still kind of one on the left and right, but the one on the left is head up and lower, the one on the right is kind of transverse and head up. Not good. If both babies are head up there is no chance of me delivering naturally, anywhere, in all of Japan.

Both babies have strong heartbeats and are growing well, but one is approximately 700g and the other 860g, which is a pretty big difference at this point, and when I first heard that I had a bit of a freak out. Such a big difference in size is a good indicator of twin-to-twin-transfusion-syndrome, where one baby gives their blood to the other causing the baby on the receiving end to have too much blood, which brings their weight way up, and puts too much pressure on their heart. TTTS is very bad. Right now their difference in weight is 19%, more than 20% is considered significant. Both babies had about the same amount of amniotic fluid and we could see both babies’ bladders, those are both very good things, and indicate that right now there is no problem, but it still worries me. Over the last 2 weeks left baby gained 200g and right baby gained about 340g. The midwife reassured me though that twins are never born at the same size and since mine are identical and sharing the same placenta, they don’t share it 50/50 even-steven. One baby gets more placenta, more nourishment, bigger faster. I’ve been doing a bunch of reading about this on Dr. Google this evening, and at the moment I think we are safe, but I am feeling fairly encouraged that 1. I’m past 25 weeks. If the babies have to be delivered they have a good chance of survival. 2. They are good weights for their age which means they are strong, and 800g is another big hurdle, which one baby is past already, and I’m sure the 2nd will reach in the next week or so. 3. I had an internal and the saloon doors are sealed tightly. Cervix shortening is a good indicator of a TTTS problem. 4. I asked the midwife if there are signs I should look for between now and my next appointment that would indicate something is wrong, and she said that if I feel like the babies aren’t moving around much I shouldn’t “wait and see”, I should come in right away. My twins are of a type where if one starts to fail, the other will too. I asked if the doppler that N loaned me would be able to tell me something, and she said that if I had a lot of trouble finding a heartbeat or heard a really slow heartbeat to come in. She said that it’s not like one would have a good strong heartbeat, and not the other, so if I wasn’t able to find even one heartbeat to come in. Thanks so much N for loaning me the doppler! What a relief that I have some way of being able to tell that my babies are ok. At the moment the twins are both going nuts in my belly, so I think we’re okay for now.

Then I had my moment with the doctor. It was the first time I was seeing him, and I explained I wanted to talk to him because my friend recommended him, but at the same time I wanted a letter of introduction to a different hospital, just to get a second opinion. I explained that I was really not keen on being hospitalized just because it’s hospital policy, if there is nothing wrong with me, that I was not keen on a c-section unless it was absolutely necessary, and just because 1 baby is breech does not necessarily mean a c-section is necessary if the baby closest to the saloon doors is head down, and if I had to have a non-emergency c-section I don’t want a vertical cut. The doctor started explaining yet again why being hospitalized is a good idea, and I had to explain again that I got what he was saying, but I don’t understand why, if both the babies and myself are healthy, we have to be hospitalized. The doctor then said that hospitalization is a precautionary measure and not necessary, if I’m willing to take responsibility for what may happen if I’m not hospitalized. It felt like a pretty stupid threat, but the doctor did agree that if I want to give birth naturally, which is my number 1 concern right now, aside from giving birth to healthy babies, that being hospitalized before 33 weeks didn’t make much sense as women who are hospitalized early do not tend to go into labor naturally. He took a look at my history and saw that I had given birth at a midwife clinic, and it clicked with him that I am not about to sit back and have a c-section just because the doctor said that’s what should happen without a good reason. He promised that if the baby closest to the exit was head down then I could try and deliver vaginally, provided there were no complications, but to be aware that complications can arise at any time, and he said that if I do need a c-section, as long as it’s not an emergency where every second counts, he will cut horizontally. Bottom line, he told me everything I had wanted to hear from the beginning. Well pretty much. He said we could hold off on hospitalization until about 33 or 34 weeks, which is actually pretty news, and I’m not really feeling like I need to fight him on that…yet.

Basically he said that having given birth twice already, and considering both births happened quite quickly, and considering twins come earlier, and are therefore smaller, they come much faster so once labor starts, there’s a good chance it will progress really quickly, and it would be a good idea for it to start in the hospital rather than somewhere else. It will be beginning to mid-March by the time I am 33 or 34 weeks. I will definitely be having weekly exams by then, and I’m fairly confident this doctor won’t insist I be hospitalized if there is no effacement and the saloon doors are still tightly sealed. Anyway, I can handle arguing about this with the doctor in March. I cannot handle arguing about this with the doctor in another 3 weeks time.

I called the midwife after my appointment to tell her that the doctor basically agreed to everything and told me exactly what I wanted to hear, but didn’t write me a letter of introduction. She knows of this particular doctor and said he’s not bad, but all of his patients that she knows have all ended up having c-sections, including the dr.’s wife. Not because of anything he did or didn’t do, just because that’s how it ended up. She suggested I still go to the other hospital even without the letter of introduction, just to see what they say there. I don’t really feel the need to do so, so much anymore, but I don’t want to ignore her advice either. Plus the ultrasound machine is so freaking old at Nisseki I’m a little worried they have the babies’ weights and info wrong, and I want to get a better look at what is going on inside my womb just to make sure everything is okay. So I figure even I go to the other hospital for just one appointment, I know they will do an ultrasound at the very least and we can at least get a better view of what is going on in my tummy to make sure the boys are okay. All in all, I’m feeling lots better about the situation in general. Giving birth to twins doesn’t feel so hopeless anymore 🙂

After my appointment I got my haircut, and I cut off about 40 cm. which felt so good! I just hope it looks better when I style it myself tomorrow. The guy who cuts my hair is great. He always does a fabulous job. But he’s the owner of the place and has experience in Tokyo and London. But after he’s done cutting and coloring, it’s his assistants who do the blow-drying and they really have no idea what to do with curly hair. Having so much cut off though made it so much healthier and it didn’t look as awful as it usually does after the assistants blow dry it. 🙂

Ah, babies have finally fallen asleep. Time for me to do the same!

25 weeks