A glimpse of what’s to come


Not so much once the twins get here, but for the rest of this pregnancy.

Saturday Akinori took Sara took Tokyo for the day and Amelie and I chilled at home all day long. It was nice and restful for me, and Amelie is really easy to have at home with me. When Sara was the same age I couldn’t stay home with her all day. She needed to go out and burn off energy. Amelie is way more chilled out and just happy to play with the toys we have here, or curl up with a book with me, or watch a movie on the iPad and actually sit still throughout. It was a really nice day for everyone. Sunday was the annual neighborhood New Year party. It is the one social gathering a year I absolutely hate attending. No one talks to me, not that I make any effort to talk to anyone else either. Akinori is great about it all and stays by my side the entire time. That could be one reason none of the women come any closer, but they are usually quite friendly to him, and speak to him about me and our kids. And look at him while I answer their questions. Meh, this year was painless enough. The kids played, we ate, everyone played bingo, we left. They then did the dondo-yaki (burning of all the New Year’s decorations and old darumas, amulets and other things that you probably couldn’t get away with burning on the street in other countries) right across the road from us, so Akinori took the girls while I laid down and caught my breath, something I need to do quite often lately.

Once he brought the girls home, the 3 of them passed out for several hours. It was a nice little quiet rest for me even though I couldn’t fall asleep. When everyone finally woke up I was starving, but couldn’t be bothered cooking, and Akinori wasn’t being much help in that department, so I made the executive decision to order pizza. After we went to sleep on Sunday, we woke up to about 10-15 cm. of snow on Monday. I was not excited at all about going out in it, but I felt bad that we had spent pretty much the entire latter half of Sunday lazing at home and thought I should at least make an effort to go out.

Akinori wanted to go to the Yasu-Ichi happening in the next town over. I had never been to one, and thought Yasu-Ichi meant something like a flea market since the kanji for yasu is cheap and ichi is market. I am still learning new things about Japan and its culture everyday! The kanji for yasu also means safety, and in this case the market was held at a shrine and it was a market for daruma, amulets and all kinds of other knick-knacks to ward off evil in the new year. It wouldn’t have been bad if it hadn’t been for the snow. It wasn’t actually that cold outside, but that meant that the flakes were thick and wet and heavy, and the ground was just getting slushier and slushier and more difficult to walk. Never mind that my winter boots weight at least a kilo or two each and walking without snow is a workout, so walking in the snow was doing a serious number on me. I was absolutely miserable by the time we were ready to leave. I hate the cold and snow to begin with and trudging around in it with my big belly was possibly the least fun thing I have ever done, not to mention really painful by the end. If you’ve ever carried a baby to term, you have probably felt extreme pressure on your pelvis, like you’ve been kicked in the crotch. No? Let me tell you. It hurts. It feels like I’ve been kicked repeatedly in the crotch and I’m totally bruised, and the more walking/standing I do, the more bruised I feel.

I never waddled with Sara or Amelie, ever, not even in my last weeks of pregnancy. But I have been waddling for awhile now. Not always, but Sunday I could barely lift one leg in front of the other. We had to go shopping after that, which was another adventure. I was happy to have a cart to push to half hold me up, but the store we went to (Don Quixote) has little mini-carts for kids and both Sara and Amelie wanted to push one, and that was a total headache. I knew I wouldn’t want to cook dinner by the time we got home either, so we bought pre-made stuff for dinner, karaage (fried chicken), gyoza, that sort of stuff. Never again from that store. Blech! The kids ate it, and Akinori didn’t have a problem with it, but the gyoza was definitely the least palatable I have ever had in my life! The karaage was all fatty gross bits too. It was like eating karate-kun from Lawson, which I used to love when I was a student and when I first came back to Japan on JET, but now that I actually know what decent karaage is supposed to taste like, I could be starving, and there’s a good chance I would choose death by starvation over trying to digest that shit.

Anyway, I don’t know if it was yesterday’s excursion that did it, but I was absolutely fucked this morning. Today was bento day, and I hadn’t washed Sara’s bento box over the weekend (bad, bad, lazy mommy) and just standing over the sink for those 5 minutes completely wiped me out. Luckily Akinori had the day off today again because of the snow (he has yet to go to work in 2013 btw!) and he finished making Sara’s bento for me and then took her to kindy. I had to help him here and there, like show him where the little silicon cups are and whatnot, but even just getting up to pull out that stuff left me completely out of breath. It was great though that he got a chance to practice doing it now while I’m still at home. I told him what to put in the bento and he got to see where everything is kept. I can imagine if I were already hospitalized it would have been a mess. I don’t really care what he puts in the bento, and I’m sure Sara has her own opinions about what should go in them, so I know he won’t be at a loss there. I just know that if left to his own devices Akinori will tear apart the kitchen and leave it that way until I get back if I’m not around when he needs something.

After dressing both girls though I was finished for the day. I didn’t even bother getting out of my pajamas today. Akinori went to get Sara and I told him we needed to get groceries for dinner. He suggested I put some clothes on and we all go shopping once they got back. I guess in his mind that was what was going to happen because he came home with Sara and without going shopping. So I had to tell him I wasn’t getting dressed and I wasn’t going shopping and sent him out again. It was already 5 or 5:30 at this point, and I was feeling fine, but it seemed like such a waste to bother getting dressed, and the thought of facing the cold and snow was just too much. God I wish I could just hibernate for the next couple of months.

It’s now a day later now, and I am finally showered and dressed. The stink was too much for even myself. Anyway, last night I sent Akinori back out with Sara to buy ingredients for nabe. Nice and easy. Cut up the veggies, chuck ’em in, eat. He came home with stuff for sukiyaki. Ah well, not much different prep-wise, just pricier. His attitude could use some improvement though, as he brought in the groceries, laid them out on the kitchen counter and then came into the living room and said “I laid out all the stuff. Do I have to do the cutting too?” Grrr. I can understand his frustration with his lazy wife though, and I feel bad for feeling so lazy, but gawd, I really don’t want to do anything ever again, least of all cook, which I hate doing to begin with. Anyway, I felt guilty enough about not having done anything all day long, that I prepared the sukiyaki.

This morning I just felt plain gross after not showering or getting dressed the day before. And I smelled. Bad. Akinori took Sara to kindy for me and then had to drop something off at his parents’ house, but the second he got back I hopped in the shower. The whole title of this post and its meaning was that I was feeling super lazy, and I could see the next few months passing by without showering for days at a time or doing any cleaning at all, but I guess yesterday’s extreme display of laziness was enough to kick my butt into gear just a little because after I got out of the shower I couldn’t stand to look at the dirty outer bath floor anymore, and got down on my hands and knees with a cloth, then washed out the sink, toothbrush holder, shelves, and anywhere I could reach on the washing machine from the outside (as it was running at the time). I decided once Amelie goes to daycare full-time from February, I am going to attack one room at a time and do a super clean, one day at a time. We’ll see if that actually happens, as it is still two weeks away, and I will be two weeks larger, and I am growing daily, like noticeably, but that’s the plan anyway.

Akinori took the girls to his parents house after picking up Sara from kindy this afternoon, and I think I heard them just pull up in the car. Gotta go and get some kind of dinner going and pull myself out of this lazy funk! Btw, I’ll be 26 weeks tomorrow! Way to go boys! You’re doin’ mama proud!


About Brenda in Nagano

Originally from Chicago, I knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life in Japan the moment I set foot in the country at the tender age of 16. However, I was quite intent on spending that rest of my life in a major city with a full on career, until my Japanese Prince Charming came trotting down from the mountains of Nagano to sweep me off my feet and whisk me away, turning my whole life plan on its head. Two months after moving to Nagano I gave birth to our little Princess Charming, so now I am officially a SAHM and teach a little belly dance on the side.

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  1. Far from doing nothing you’re growing two babies. At the same time!! That’s a workout in itself, hey? I hear you on the hibernation till Spring and I’m not even pregnant! If you’ve lost your cooking mojo and Akinori isn’t keen on taking over I know there’s a company that delivers pre-cut ready to cook stuff each day. My friend used it when she was on bedrest for three MONTHS! @_@ Yoshikei? I can get details if you’re interested?

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