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Are here! About freaking time hey?
Will write the whole birth story later but it was all natural. Baby A weighed 3224g. and Baby B 2602g. Baby A popped out head first at 10:21 a.m. and Baby B bum first at 10:28 a.m. When I went into the labor room around 8:30 I knew they would be arriving before noon, but really had no idea it would be just 2 hours later. All in all my easiest labor in terms of labor pains, but by far the most difficult of the 3 pregnancies. I am so fucking proud of myself though. Seriously, my body is freaking amazing! Right now I feel like death though so will hopefully be able to nap after I come off my birthing high.



Hospital Stay – Day I’ve stopped counting


Well, here I am posting again and the boys are still safely tucked away in my belly. The contractions the other day completely died down and I  have only had verrrrry mild contractions now and again, which is more than before when I was having no contractions at all, and the dr. doesn’t seem to think we have too much longer to wait. I’m not so sure.

On Thursday the doctor did an ultrasound and measured the babies who were 2742 g and 2623 g and Baby B had once again managed to turn breech, which means that there is still an ample amount of amniotic fluid for them, which makes me think they are not ready to come anytime soon. I thought the doctor was also going to strip my membranes then, but he said that because he did an internal the day before he didn’t see the need to do one again. He also mentioned the possible need to give me drugs to strengthen contractions once I got to 5 or 6 cm dilated. Once again I was reminded that my uterus may be over-expanded and incapable of strong contractions. This really upset me. I told him I really didn’t want any medication of any kind, and he was kind of like “but if the contractions aren’t strong enough..” When I think about it now, I get it. At the time I was seriously sleep deprived and sick of being in the hospital and really disappointed my contractions had stopped and the emotional stress was all a little too much for me to handle anything I didn’t really want to hear. Lots of tears ensued over the next 24 hours, hence my lack of any kind of update. I just didn’t even have it in me to blog about it.

Later that night when a midwife came around to listen for the babies’ heartbeats on the dopplers I asked her about how it works in a natural twin birth, are they automatically administered? What’s the story? She said that she has seen cases where they aren’t used because if the contractions are strong enough on their own, it can be dangerous to strengthen them further, so while I will be hooked up to an IV from the start, just in case I do need some kind of drugs at some point, it is not carved in stone that they will give me anything other than saline. That made me feel better. In the morning another more seasoned midwife came in, and her story was a bit different. She said she’s almost never seen a case where the drugs weren’t used because after birth your uterus still needs strong contractions to stop the bleeding and it can be quite dangerous if the bleeding doesn’t stop. This news really upset me, and I had already had very, very little sleep over the last 2-3 days and I spent the entire morning crying uncontrollably. It was quite embarrassing. Plus the woman in the window bed was being taken away to have her c-section and meet her little boy, and as happy as I was for her, it still depressed me that I was not meeting my boys too.

Through all of this my bed was moved to the window space. Yeah for a window space! But that wasn’t helping anything, at all. I talked to Akinori and cried and cried. He suggested I ask if I could get out of the hospital for a few hours on Saturday and we go and visit the midwife clinic and have a talk to my favorite midwife and see what she had to say, and that maybe just getting out of the hospital would help. I didn’t think the doctor would agree to let me spend the night out of the hospital again, but when I asked he said okay right away and just made me promise I would come right back if I started having any kind of contractions.

My biggest problem with the whole situation was that I felt like I was being told different things by so many different people, and I really didn’t know or trust any of these people all that well, and I am pretty over-the-top pro natural birth, and I was feeling like the fact that I was so against giving birth in a hospital in the first place was the first thing really working against me and feeling relaxed enough to give birth there, and then the thought of using all kinds of IVs and medicine and there being 3 doctors and 3 midwives and 3 nurses all in attendance was just so not what I wanted, and I know I have to get over this eventually because I don’t have a choice in the matter, but on top of all this I was stuck in the hospital for no reason. I wasn’t giving birth yet, and apparently not even that close to giving birth and that made me the most upset. Why on earth was I stuck in the hospital for no good apparent reason? It’s just wasting money and keeping me away from my family. I can handle going into labor at home and then giving birth in a less-than-ideal situation in the hospital, but not staying in the hospital forever and ever for no reason at all.

So when the doctor told me I could go home Saturday night I started feeling better right away. Akinori came in the morning with the girls to get me and we ran some errands, went to Akinori’s grandfather’s grave as it was the anniversary of his death, went to lunch and then to see the midwife. She explained that if she were standing in on the birth, so would have me hooked up to the IV as well because of the importance of getting the uterus to contract after the birth, but she doesn’t think they will need to give me drugs to strengthen the contractions and if they do, it’s only because it’s necessary, but most likely they won’t need to until after the boys are both out. I can live with that. I said I was also worried about what would happen between giving birth to #1 and #2 as #2 is breech, and she said that in the old days everyone gave birth to twins naturally. I was worried about Baby B going transverse maybe because that’s the only position where he would require a c-section, but the midwife said that my uterus will still be contracting and it would be pretty uncomfortable for him to be anything but either head down or feet down, both of which are birthable positions. I told her how all of the other twin moms at the hospital, and basically that I know at all here in Japan have or are either giving birth by c-section because the dr. recommended it or by their own choice, and maybe I’m stupid for wanting to do it naturally.  She said that it’s just the norm now, not because it’s necessary. Anyway I felt much better after talking to her. She also said that she didn’t think the boys were in a hurry to come. Sara went past her due date and Amelie was born only a few days before hers, and my uterus is doing a great job growing these boys. There are no problems, so there’s really no reason to hurry them along. She also said that in the old days, for both singletons and twins, at least in Japan, full-term was considered 38 weeks, not 37, as it is now, so these babies still have nearly a week until they are considered full-term according to those standards.

I have to go back to the hospital later this afternoon. I don’t really want the boys born on a weekend anyway. It’s more expensive, but a fairly sizable amount, and they are really short-staffed on weekends. Much better all around for them to be born sometime during the week. As much as I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that these boys are only going to come when they are ready, it would be really nice to be holding them in my arms and not my belly by next weekend. Back to the waiting game!

Hospital Stay Day 8 & 9 – Hopefully my last post before babies arrive


Yesterday when I went to kindy with Sara, I was quite the spectacle. All the moms, teachers and even the principal were all surprised to see me, and even more surprised to see my gigantic belly. It was really nice to get out of the hospital, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. So I’m quite grateful I got to have some fresh air. I had to do a lot of standing and walking though, and by the time I got back to the hospital around 2 p.m. I was absolutely exhausted. I had a great night’s sleep in my own bed the night before though, and I was extremely grateful for that. I got back to the hospital and did an NST, and everything was fine. No change. The doctor came around to see me and seemed incredibly  disappointed that I wasn’t in labor. He even said “I wonder if your contractions are ever going to come?”, and he proceeded to explain that it’s possible my uterus has over-expanded, like the elastic on an old pair of underwear, and won’t contract anymore, or at least not strong enough to bring on labor or get a baby out. This scared the shit out of me. But not so much that I couldn’t take a little nap. I was obviously way more tired than worried.

I was woken up by a nurse so they could switch my bed to a new location. Same room, but just a better(?) spot? Now I have a wall on one side, and roommate on the other, instead of being between 2 beds. Still a tight squeeze, and I have my eye on a window spot, but we’ll see if I ever get there. One woman with a window space has her c-section on Friday, and the other will probably be here for a long, long time, and there is one woman ahead of me in line for a window space and she’s being discharged on Saturday, if she doesn’t give birth. So that means if I am still waiting around Saturday to give birth, I can have a window bed, however at this point it doesn’t look like it will take that long for me to give birth.

What the doctor said really got me worried though and I had a really hard time falling asleep last night so I watched a few episodes of “Modern Family” to cheer myself up. I did spend a lot of time on Dr. Google though trying to figure out how common it is for mother’s of twins uteruses (uteri?) to over-expand, the medical term for which is uterine atony. It looked like it was more of a problem after birth getting the uterus to contract back to its normal size than before birth when trying to bring on contractions. If anyone has any better information, please let me know!

I finally fell asleep around 11, woke up to pee around 1 I think, back to sleep until 4, up til 5, back to sleep until 6:30, and then it was no use anymore. The doctor’s words were still bothering me and I started to get more and depressed about the thought of getting this far in my pregnancy and not being able to deliver naturally. I did some squats in the morning, some walking around the ward, but I was really tired from not getting enough sleep the night before. They hooked me up to the NST and while I was hooked up I had 2 weak contractions! All of a sudden things were looking up! My labors with Sara and Amelie were both quite fast once they really got going and I wanted to make sure I got a shower in before going into labor, so I took a shower, did some squats and then laid down for a nap. While I was sleeping my stomach started hurting again, but I wasn’t sure if it was indigestion, or contractions. They really weren’t that strong. But enough to wake me up from my light sleep.

The doctor happened to come in for his daily check a little later and I told him I thought I might be having contractions, so he sent a midwife to come and check on me, and she hooked me up to the NST again, and I definitely was having mild contractions. I was hooked up for another 40 minutes or so, and then went in for an internal with the doctor who said I was 2-3 cm. dilated! It’s just a matter now of my contractions getting stronger. They don’t come at any regular pace and some are stronger than others. But I have been trying to take my mind off of them for the most part because as I have written many times before, the intense pain of labor scares me. Even though I want to meet my boys already, and my back is in ridiculous amounts of pain most of the time, I’m still scared when I think about labor for too long. Not just labor, but the reality of having these boys on the outside and being a mom to twins is a pretty scary thought in itself.

Nothing too intense is happening yet though, and both girls were born just after noon, and apparently at the nurse’s station the general opinion this evening is that I will probably give birth sometime tomorrow afternoon. Sounds good to me as long as I can get some sleep tonight! Fingers crossed for an easy, quick, problem-free delivery!!

Hospital Stay Day 6 & 7 – Going Home Tonight!


First of all, please take a moment to look at the new banner on the right. Do you see the “Top Mommy Blogs” banner? Being in hospital has been boring. I read a lot of blogs, and lots and lots of blogs about multiples, most of which I find from this blog directory. So I signed myself up and listed my blog on it. Please do me a favor and click on the banner once in awhile to vote for my blog. If no one ever clicks on it at least once a month, my blog gets deleted from the directory. At least I think that’s how it works. Anyway, your help is appreciated!

I really wish I had some kind of exciting news to update with but alas, there is nothing. Weekends around here are pretty slow apparently. No exams, few staff. Just my daily NST, which was completely normal. Bland hospital food, which I am getting really tired of. Seriously eating white rice with every meal for the last week is really getting to me. I think I can request bread in the mornings instead, so I’ll talk to the nurse about that today. See? Exciting stuff going on here!

Saturday some friends came to visit with their 2-month old. The wife gave birth here too, and although we always had our appointments at the same time by some twist of fate, we still hadn’t met her baby. I had a cold when the baby was born, and then I got the flu, and then the girls got the flu, and it was just a string of illnesses in our house, so it was not only great to see them, but I was really happy to hear her birth story and how she felt like the midwives took really good care of her during her labor. After giving birth in a midwife clinic surrounded by women that I trust completely and have a really great relationship with, it is really hard for me to feel comfortable in this big hospital with staff that changes around every day, and not feel completely confident that they will be willing to work with me and do things my way, while still making sure my boys get the best care too. It’s pretty much all about the babies here, which is great in a way, but I need some care too considering I’m the one who’s got to do most of the work.

Anyway, the girls were over the moon to see the baby too, as their visit coincided with Akinori and the girls. I still don’t think Amelie quite understands what’s going on, but as pleased as Sara was to see the baby, she kept saying she was more excited about her brothers coming. She’s such an awesome big sister! Yesterday Akinori came with the girls and his parents. It was nice to see them as I hadn’t in awhile. And then the weekend was over.

Today one of the women from my room got released. She was in danger of pre-term labor and on an IV drip for THREE MONTHS!! But she will be 37 weeks tomorrow, and no longer considered pre-term so she gets to go home now until her labor starts. Tomorrow another woman is leaving and going back to the hospital where she was originally. She’ll be 34 weeks, and was also hospitalized quite early, but her cervix kept getting shorter and shorter, and her original hospital can’t handle preemies that are too little, so she was transferred here. If she goes into labor now though, the original hospital is able to handle babies who are not so preemie, so she is going back for another 2-3 weeks until she is full-term or gives birth.  The woman next to me is having a c-section on Friday, so she will be moving out of this room Thursday night or Friday, and the woman on the other side is leaving on Saturday until she goes into labor, as she will also be 37 weeks then. SO, if I don’t give birth sometime this week, I am going to be left alone (maybe because I have no idea what the 1 other woman in the room is here for as she never opens her curtain or talks to any of us) in this room.

Oh! I wrote too soon! Another woman was just moved into this room. She was actually in my former room with me too, but no one in there ever opened their curtains, so I never got to talk to her. While we were waiting for them to change beds and places around (because the woman who left had a prime window spot, so everyone else moved in order of priority, and I inherited her electric magic bed! YEAH!!! This means I may actually be able to sleep!) I spoke to her for the first time and found out she is due in July and has to stay here until she gives birth basically. She has an 11 month-old at home. Poor, poor woman. 😦 The other woman I mentioned going back to her original hospital also has a baby who is 1 or nearly 1. I guess this is probably the reason they recommend you wait a year after giving birth before getting pregnant again. So I guess this means that at the very least she will be here until I give birth.

Tomorrow are Sara’s class photos. At her kindy the moms are in the photos too. If I couldn’t be there, I know Akinori would be in the photo instead, but I know my daughter, and I know she would be sad that she was the only one without her mom in the photo, no matter the reason.  Since there is absolutely no sign of me giving birth anytime soon the doctor said I could go home for the night tonight.

(Continued from home) Akinori and the girls came to pick me up about 5:30, and we went out for dinner at a family restaurant, and it was soooo good! Akinori had made curry for dinner, which I appreciate and I’m so, so, SO sorry I told him I didn’t want to eat it, but man, oh man! The first time in a week I have a choice in what I want to eat for dinner, and let me tell you, it is NOT Japanese curry, no matter how tasty Akinori’s curry is, and he does make yummy curry. Who knows when the next time I will get to eat what I want is as I doubt I will be let out of the hospital again before giving birth, and it may still be a week or more before that happens. Hopefully not, but you never know. Besides, his dad gave him ¥5000 to take me and the girls out to dinner and, I thoroughly enjoyed my Caesar salad and quesadillas. 🙂

We came home and sitting on my sofa watching TV feels so nice. Watching my girls sleep feels even nicer. I love them so much.

Akinori took another photo of my belly today. I  I’m 36 weeks 4 days. WOW! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by, and I am already at this late stage, and it is basically time for me to stop being pregnant. But god, I don’t want to give birth, at least not unless someone can guarantee me that it won’t hurt. Anyone? Anyone?

36 weeks 4 days