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Growing up


My baby has grown up considerably over the past week! Two major breakthroughs! First Wednesday night I think it was, she pooped, and then came over and said to me “Poo.” (Hence my FB status update, for those of you I’m friends with on FB.) I nearly cried. I never ever thought we would ever get her out of diapers. She has never been bothered by wet or shitty diapers, but lately she has come to me carrying her diaper bag asking for a change. Unfortunately, quite often she hasn’t even peed. She just wants a change or to feel the lovely breeze on her private parts for a few moments. Who knows, but I was extremely proud of her.

Unfortunately it hasn’t happened since then. She is EXTREMELY keen on taking her diapers off though, along with the rest of her clothes. I leave the room and come back to a completely naked child quite often. I understand that it’s hot and all, but I hate finding puddles of pee around the living room. Thank goodness we have a super cheap carpet covering the tatami that we will just toss when we move out. We’re still not ready for potty-training I guess, but at least now I can be confident that it will happen eventually, and maybe even sooner rather than later. 🙂

The second event that made me a proud mama was taking Sara to daycare on Friday and coming back to a child who wasn’t crying and reportedly hadn’t cried the entire time she was there. Up until now she has pretty much cried the entire time I was gone, which is usually about 2 hours, the most ever being 4. The first couple of times she ran after me crying when I was leaving. Then she learned that she was staying no matter what and waved goodbye and blew me kisses through tears, but didn’t try and follow me out. This last time she started to cry a bit, and basically dove from my arms to the teacher’s, and when I came back I was surprised to find that she was STILL in the teacher’s arms, but the teachers were all excited because she hadn’t cried at all, and even smiled a bit at times. I am so relieved. It breaks my heart to know that she is so lonely without me that she is crying the entire time I’m gone, but hopefully she now understands that I will eventually come back for her every time, and maybe she can make the most of it while I’m gone.

I think what breaks my heart most is that I, myself have vivid memories of being taken to daycare of wherever, or even my mother going off to work and leaving me at home with my grandmother, and crying inconsolably for hours after she left. I don’t know why I hated daycare or felt such incredible loneliness when my  mother left me, but I did, and that feeling has stayed with me even now, and would do anything to not have my daughter ever feel that same sense of loneliness. Hopefully she has conquered those feelings and may even start to enjoy daycare. That would be awesome!

Especially since she’ll be spending a lot of time there next weekend. I have an interpreting gig that I do every year going on next weekend, which means I have to be away from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon and Akinori has to work every day but Sunday, and SIL has started her new job so can’t look after Sara either, so no real choice but to send her to daycare for those days. I hope she won’t be too traumatized, but I have a feeling it’s going to take us back a few steps from where we were.

In pregnancy news I recently found out the midwife clinic I’m going to refuses to tell you the sex of your child as does the big hospital I’m going to for blood work and stuff. SO, I have decided to visit one of those one-stop ultrasound shops in the States while I’m home to find out the sex. If I wasn’t going home and really nobody would tell me, I don’t think I would be too devastated about not knowing whether the baby is a girl or boy. I mean either way, we’re keeping Junior. But these ultrasound shops are actually pretty cool. They do 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds and have all these options for videoing and print outs and what-not. Don’t know how professional they are really, but I just want to find out the sex. Plus I am really excited at the thought of my parents also being able to come with and see the ultrasound. Some of these places allow you to bring up to 5 guests, and I think my parents would really enjoy the experience, especially since they won’t be there for the birth, or for the birth of my niece or any future nieces or nephews to come.

We’re off to a BBQ tonight. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing people and eating food that I don’t have to cook. Though not meat for some reason. Since I’ve been pregnant the only meat I seem to like is McDonald’s hamburgers, which I normally can’t stand, but hormones, hey? Okay, must try and get lazy husband off his ass to actually do some of the stuff he said he would today before we go instead of just laying in front of the TV (grrrr!).